Unique Problems, Unique To Your Area (very Generally/roughly)

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    Unique Problems, Unique to your area (very generally/roughly).......???

    Alaska has a massive amount of unique potential problems that "could" develop almost instantly in a Massive SHTF event.

    1.) Over half the population (about 375K) live next to the number one target for an air attack. Adjacent would be more accurate.

    2.) There is only "ONE" road into Alaska......which means only "ONE" road out of Alaska.

    3.) Nearly 100% of the food is shipped to Alaska by massive Cargo Ships. Nearly 100% of everything anyone needs or purchases is shipped to Alaska. And I do mean "everything". If the navigation satellites get fried, or lower 48 goes grid down. that is pretty much instant ugly for all of Alaska, not just Los'Anchorage.

    4,) Anchorage, Alaska has one road going North for exiting the city, and one road going South to exit the city of roughly 350K humans. The road has dozens of choke points with zero workaround options. The road South has large rockslides regularly that close it off. If you leave Anchorage going South you better have a full tank of fuel. There are several high mountain passes going North or South. I should note the road South goes to a total deadend, and the road is also two skinny lanes, mostly with sheer cliff on one side and ocean on the otherside.

    There is much-much-much more........ but what will suck for humans in your general area.
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    Arizona does not have many natural disasters or many worth while military targets but the water issue is paramount. We have many freeways and country roads but we are not self staining without food imports. Granted in a sudden event, and without the pumps working, 90 to 95% of the population will be dead withing two weeks. Without fuel, mass evac will not work either. It would take more than one tank of gas to get out of the state to a possible safe zone. I seriously doubt many keep their tanks filled, judging by the length of time it takes folks to fill up at the gas pumps. I will become the new owner of a very large empty real estate development.
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  3. Old Geezer

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    Were one able to gather a group of people whose collective skills would, when put together in unity, support what I'll call a "base-camp of civilization" (sometimes called a "survival community"), then when a SHTF event occurred, be able to move that community to a decent uninhabited location -- under such circumstances one may have an entity that possibly could stand a decent chance of getting through all of the destruction and mayhem. One person can't be a welder, a physician (a person who can set the bones of an unconscious person and get that patient back to health; the most careful and skilled individuals get injured, welcome to life), a perimeter guard walking 24/7, ..., and even though I've seen my fair share of genetic anomalies, I've yet to see a human with a pair of functioning eyes located on the back of their head. Humans form communities/families/clans/whateveryouwanttocallthem or they die off. Armies never rely on lone warriors; even snipers are part of a team. The military is NOT stupid. Military survival training is to keep the soldier alive and able to return to his or her unit or a community of friendlies.

    So Old Geezer, what's your point in that brackish barrel of drivel?!

    There's no such thing as a "base-camp of civilization". Every area, every group of people, is rife with idiots. Some places have volcanoes. Some places are without water. Some places have parasites that want to swim up your pee hole. All places have fatally-flawed buffoons and psycho-aggressors.

    Think you'll be able to find a place on this planet where you can go and live alone, shooting any interlopers that violate your space? Sorry. No matter where you are, packs of knuckle-draggers WILL show up. And they ain't nuthin unique about this hyar sitcheeayshun.

    Given the nature of our species, we're all living on the precipice. Think about it, why was prayer invented?!

    God give me the smarts to find friends with smarts. St. Michael, please slay my "friends" who try to sneak up on me from behind. Amen
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  4. Alaskajohn

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    IBME touched on a lot about Alaska and for the most part I will try not to repeat. Where I live, there is only one road. If SHTF, the one road heading towards Los Anchorage would quickly become undrivable with rock slides, snow or sabotage. This is fine by me as I don’t want to go in that direction and I don’t want city folks coming my way. The road in the other direction heads towards Canada and there are very large stretches of nothingness. This is also good.

    Other unique challenges include:

    -45 days where the sun doesn’t rise above the southern mountains.
    -Freak glacieral winds that can instantly start without warning going from no wind to 80-90 MPH winds that last for 12 to 48 hours. Then suddenly stop.
    -We don’t get extreme cold, but it can be -20 to -35 for extended days, not including wind chill.
    -Wildfires. I live where no fire department will come.
    -Critters that want you for dinner.

    Heck, why do I live here??? I like the isolation, so I guess there is no place I’d rather be.
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  5. lonewolf

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    landslides, flooding, trees down, bridges damaged, usual stuff here.
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  6. Morgan101

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    We have the whole gamut of potential natural disasters; flood, tornado, earthquake, blizzard. Temperatures aren't overly severe, but we do seem to be favored with ice storms. Those are no fun. It is plenty cold in the Winter. You surely wouldn't want anything catastrophic to happen then.

    Logistics here are pretty reasonable. Several good interstate highways, and State roads make every direction accessible. If it were TEOTWAWKI we could revert back to river transportation which would be quite viable.

    We are closer to some military targets than I would like, but it they are attacked the entire planet is in a whole world of hurt.

    Two things that are very local, but they are a cause for concern, and they factor into our preps. We are not that far (maybe 15 - 20 miles) from a State prison. Should something catastrophic happen, and they were all released they could go in any direction. More than likely they would head for a city which would bring them toward us. Not the element you want roaming around WROL, but that is our cross to bear.

    The other concern is good news; bad news. Good news! We are very close to two man-made lakes. Plenty of water. You can fish. Bad news! They are held on one side by a man-made earthen dam. Does Johnstown, PA circa 1889 ring a bell? If the big one hit from the New Madrid fault heaven only knows where that dam might break, and where the water would go. I know how it is designed to work, but Mother Nature doesn't seem to give a rat's ass how we design things. She will do whatever she wants. Time would be the key. If we were notified in a moments notice we could get to higher ground, and be safe. What if it happens at night? What if it happens without warning? Ain't Life Grand?!?! No matter where you go it will be something.
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  7. Blitz

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    The general area where I am, it would have to be water. We're suffering the worst drought in history, which I can't see abating any time soon. There are a few who have sufficient water, but for the most part, everyone else would be stuffed.
  8. varuna

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    • Strong deep earthquake could create fissure that could release materials and gases to the surface (this already happen)
    • Tsunami triggered by undersea landslide
    • Flash flood
    • Volcanic ash (rarely)
    • Invasion by extremely lethal venomous insect (already happen)
    • 3 - 4 months of extreme weather every year (hot & humid)
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