Upgrade The Hazmat Suits !

Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by Pragmatist, Dec 4, 2019.

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    Good morning all,

    Upgrade the HAZMAT suits as soon as possible. We could still be wiped out of existence but at least we preppers will have a little extra time to oil equipment and reload fresh batteries into our gadgets.

    Enhancing the efforts King Saul had consorting with the Witch of Endor, Professor Fitzsimmons of Queen's University, Belfast tells us that the end is near.

    The asteroid deflection system gets priority even over the national health systems and diversity programs. The asteroid deflection system still, however, must compete against the firing of nuclear bombs at space rocks.

    The only question I have and do seek assistance in getting an answer or, at least, a reply, is how many vials of important medicine can be purchased per year using the annual compensation provided to Professor Fitzsimmons of Queen's University, Belfast ?

    cc: Dir, Astrophysics Observatory, Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo
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    we are either in the impact zone ...or we aren't, I cant see what difference a Hazmat suit would do.
    how much does one cost and can a civilian even buy one? not that I would.
    I know there are some for sale on Ebay but look fairly ineffective for anything serious, might keep you clean when your washing the car but not for anything else.
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    Good afternoon Lonewolf,


    Costs range from a little to MUCH. Add SCBA and add even more to "MUCH". They're priced for commercial and industrial purchasing - along with purchasing by the big cities.

    Believe I gave Varuna the PK Safety Alameda, California website above as a source for volcano masks. I use PK Safety but my posts here are for knowledge/information and not for other reasons.

    Other sources:

    There's a couple of these companies with good charts for type comparisons.

    Now, it's the armored HAZMAT suits that might have private citizen restrictions.

    For basics, a Prepper should/must have a couple of N95 or a single P100 face mask - as "adjusted" to the anticipated environment and situations.
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