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    In a survival situation where you have a long-term shelter built or permanent shelter, there are several luxuries that you may add to your shelter in which to make life a little easier and more comfortable. Things such as running water, power, or an indoor fireplace can really make a shelter a home. Running water can be achieved by using simple irrigation techniques. A well or other fresh water source can be diverted into your shelter. Methods of turning the water off and on vary and can be adapted based upon what you have in hand.

    Adding power to your shelter is as simple as getting a generator and fuel or by utilizing solar power. Solar power, of course, is the most reliable form of energy. However, this may not be available to you if you are an emergency situation. If you are in a survival mode and are in an area to stay such as off grid living, then solar power is essentially a must. A fireplace indoors can be utilized for heat as well as for cooking. Building a fireplace inside is as simple as adding a enclosed rock structure with a chimney vent to your shelter. You can also use mud and clay to help build and shape fireplaces inside of your shelter. By adding things such as water, power and fire to your shelter it now has become more like a home.
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