Upgrading Portable Generators

Discussion in 'Recrafting and Modifying' started by Pragmatist, Dec 2, 2019.

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    Good morning all,

    While looking for some info on "upgrading" a generator to successfully work in cold weather, ran itto above website. ERO = Electric Reliability Organization.

    The website might have info or links of value.

    ERO is in Potomac, Maryland. This is metro D.C. It was once once a nice upscale place. Now it's ruined. Even the White Oak shipping mall is trashy now. Consider a move to Sherpardstown, West Virginia. Had colleague who moved from Potomac to Sherpardstown.
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    Sorry but I'm not going to jin a subscription only website for one article.
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    Besides likely........we Alaskans have forgot more about generator use then the articles author ever pondered.
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    I remember a portable generator a previous BIL had, he came out to the cottage and welded up a gate for us, handy but that thing was ultra noisy(and small).
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