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    In an urban survival situation, you may find yourself needing weapons. If you are trying to defend yourself in an immediate attack and you are not prepared a couple of household items can easily be grabbed to increase your chances of survival. Light bulbs work as good items to use to stun attackers because they make a loud pop and shattered glass into the attackers face. Knives, fire pokers, pots and pans, big porcelain objects and blunt objects are common weapons just laying around in many houses. If you have a little time and are a little bit of a chemist, you can grab household chemicals and make a little surprise for your intruders.
    If you can make your way to the garage and acquire some tools, they are heavy and usually made of metal and are great blunt objects. BB guns and pellet guns work great to defend yourself but also work great to detonate certain explosives such as aerosol cans and gasses. To make a simple explosive set a candle by an aerosol preferably around a corner or so that it's hidden and make sure you are far away and have covered. When the intruder passes by shoot the aerosol or gas. If you are not under immediate attack and are just searching for weapons, sports stores and gun shops are going to be your best shot at finding good quality weapons. Because these shops also carry survival knives and other supplies, they are a good place to stop by.
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    One of the biggest keys to survival, urban or rural, is to think ahead of trouble. In my vehicles I keep certain tools like hammers and long shank screwdrivers. Every now and again I toss a baseball glove and baseball bat, a metal one, in the vehicles as well. I'm also known to carry sheath knives and extra pistol magazines as well for my Glock 17 pistol. So, depending on where I go, what I do and so on depends on what goes into the vehicles.
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