Useful Apps That Help Raise Climate Change Awareness

Discussion in 'Climate Change' started by zeedollar, Jul 9, 2017.

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    App developers over the years has helped in creating useful app that has solved or provided solution to so many human problems that exist today, Climate change awareness has also seen some fair share of useful Apps that help create awareness for the impact of climate change in our lives. Here are some useful ones i found on both the Android and IOS platform.

    1. Images of Climate Change: (IOS)
    This App was developed by the guys at NASA, the App basically bring together the most striking pictures on how climate change affect our environment.

    2. Earth-Now (Andriod, IOS)
    Still another app from NASA, it allows users to visualize the latest climate change data on a 3D Google Earth

    3. Skeptical Science (Andriod and IOS)
    This App takes the climate change fight to the streets by debunking denials of the effect climate change bring to our environment.

    Let me know any you have found that has proved useful in the fight against climate change.
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