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    Weapons are used to cause harm or intimidate potential threats. So not all people have weapons at their disposal. There are occasions unfortunately when a weapon is needed to defend yourself. In times like this making, a weapon may not always be the answer because the situation requires more than flesh. If a hostile person was to approach you with a knife, there are a couple of weapons you can use to defend yourself that you could find in a blink of an eye. In kitchens you can obviously grab knives, cutting boards, frying pans and even cleaners. If you are in your living room, it may seem unlikely, but a firm pillow might just come in handy.


    A lot of us men have a weapon wrapped around our waist you can simply use such a your belt to deflect attacks. You can use your shoe's and for you ladies your high heels to attack back. If you are surprised to run to a garage or garden shed, there should be plenty of garden equipment and tools. Pressurized cleaners and paint can also be used to stun an attacker. Lamps, chairs, and tables are good things to knock over to get some distance so you could steady yourself. But its not always about finding the right weapon. Your opponent naturally have weaknesses that you just have to find. For example, if your intruder is a bit bigger they will be slower in their movement. Which allows you the advantage of more maneuverability which can eventually help you take down the opponent. And if the attacker is smaller you could simply deflect attacks and toss him around until they tire and decide to flee.
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    If you are attacked say in your home it is a deliberate attack!
    A deliberate attack usually means they are ready, armed, and the aggresser!
    Unless he/she is a dingbat they have all the Aces!
    If they know there stuff at all they will get the first strike in! and that the last one as well!
    It is not so much weapons you need it is early warning!

    I have seen stiletto heels used a few times, they are slow to deploy! you need many seconds to stop, get them both off then wind up!
    Deadly if the skull gets penetrated but mostly just a pain in the ass!
    No in most circumstances you will be surrounded by potential weapons but will not have the time to utilise them unless they are already in your hands!
    Even sitting there with a pistol in holster on belt you will usually not have time to draw and fire! if your attacked is switched on!

    A hundred and some years of recorded statistics shows the above to be true with rare exceptions!

    Here is one example : A low level dealer was watching tv with his brother both had holstered pistols and one was fiddling with a baseball bat!
    A large man quietly charged the front screen door just barging through he covered 5m to the couch and split mr baseball bats head open with a machete first then nearly decapitated the other before either could react, both dead both pistols still holstered and baseball bat not used!

    Bad guys are not going to give you time to pickup a weapon unless you force them to!
    The above examples mistake was to leave there deadlockable reinforced front door open because it was hot!
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