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Discussion in 'Navigation' started by TimberTom, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Navigation is something that is useful to know when you need to get around. Having good navigation skills means having a great sense of direction. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. For centuries, people have been using this basic concept to help them navigate where they want to go from Cowboys and Indians to explorers crossing the ocean on mighty ships. Using the sun to help navigate has been a discovery that helped to shape the future of humankind today.
    Using the Sun for navigation also allows you to know what time of day it is by the sun's placement. This is not something you can read in a book and learn right away it's something you have to practice. Going out places and getting lost is not highly recommended. Getting lost in controlled areas where someone can help you should you get to turned around is a great way to practice your navigation skills. Having an emergency GPS helps to make out of control situations a little more in control. This way if you're navigating using the Sun and happen to run across a cloudy day and get a little-confused someone will still be able to find you.
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    The basic sun navigation I know about is what I was taught then during my Elementary science classes in primary school. Sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
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    As I had posted in another thread, the sun is the best navigational tool there is when you get lost in the woods. Just look at the shadow of a tree and you can guess the directions of North, South, East, West. However, the sun is out at night so you cannot navigate the field at night, likewise when it is raining since there is no sun. With the time of day, yes, I can also tell the time although it is just an estimate based on the shadow cast by the sun. But at any given time of the day, my guess is quite accurate within the hour, at least.
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    I don't know, it's not always the BEST option. If you get lost if some woods with lots of trees full of leaves, where there is shadows everywhere, it can get harder to find your way out. In my opinion your best resource in the woods is moss: you can almost always find plenty of it, while the sun isn't always there for you, expecially in the mentioned case where the trees are just too many.
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    I know for myself, I would have to rely on some kind of navigational device. I mean the sun can be your basic guide, but I have no sense of direction so I would need some kind of device to help me. I mean people have been lost and have thirsted or starved to death not far from a main trail. I think it is imperative to have something with you that will help with your direction.
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