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  1. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    One of the best buys we made was the pruchase of a vacume sealer this handy iteam has made food storeage easy and shelf life longer
  2. Corzhens

    Corzhens Master Survivalist

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    I have seen that vacuum sealer which, they say, packs the food for a longer life span. I'm not really sure if that is true but just today, I had bought red beans which are packed in a vacuum plastic. For cooked food like meat dishes, the ad of the vacuum sealer said it can last for a week. And even vegetables in the fridge would last longer if vacuum sealed. Frankly, I had already forgotten this vacuum sealer and this thread just reminded me so maybe I have to make a research on the benefit and if it's really as good as what it says then I will buy since it's not that expensive.
  3. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    We love ours it works great
  4. Lisa Davis

    Lisa Davis Active Member

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    My father has a vacuum sealer and it works well. He is not a survival enthusiast like I am, but he buys bulk meat when it is on sale and sometimes stores it for longer than recommended because it is just him in his household. The packaging from the grocery store is horrible, so he breaks up his large purchases in different smaller packages and vacuum seals it. It lasts so much longer and never gets freezer burnt. He loves it, but originally, he almost stopped using it because the vacuum sealer bags he was purchasing from the store were pretty expensive. However, I found them online for him for literally one-forth of the cost, so now he's back to sealing anything he can. One thing I have used his sealer for is when I go kayaking. I usually start one place and call someone when I reach my destination to pick me up. I seal my cell phone and a few other things so just in case I fall out of the kayak, my phone is still good and functional. I fall out often enough since I like to kayak in rougher waters at times and the phone has never gotten any water in it!
  5. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    I vac-pac many things like my trauma packs, home made rations, match's, fire piston and char-cloth and most of my emergency only stuff!
    I also vac-pac my bulk sugar and salt.
  6. cluckeyo

    cluckeyo Well-Known Member

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    We have one. Got it last year. I have used it for fresh butchered chickens, as well as mustang grape hulls. It works very well and I can see many more uses for it. In order for the chickens to fit in the bag, I had to break them in half. That worked ok. They are just going in the crockpot anway. I wanted to have everything needed to process meat, so I got this, among other things.
  7. viva93

    viva93 New Member

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    Vacuum sealers are really great when you have to pack a lot of food in a small space.

    It really minimizes the useless space but bends a little, so it's not like packing in rigid plastic cases. Also vacuum storage helps to keep food and other things keep fresh for a longer time.

    It can be also used for hazardous, smelly or infected things. If you have something you have to dispose but can't do it at that moment, vacuum sealing also helps with easy and mess-free transportation.
  8. TJames13

    TJames13 New Member

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    I love my vacuum sealer. I buy the rolls online so I can make bags of varying sizes. I use it for meats, frozen fruit, beef jerky, dried fruit and even cookies. The vacuum seller has helped me save a ton of money and cut down on food waste.
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