Veal Glue, Or Cake Soop, To Be Carried In The Pocket

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    To make a Veal Glue, or Cake Soop, to be carried in the Pocket,
    TA K E a Leg of Veal, strip it of the Skin and the Fat, then take all the muscular or fleshy Parts from the Bones; boil this Flesh gently in such a Quantity of Water, and so long a Time, till the Liquor will make a strong Jelly when it is cold : This you may try by taking out a small Spoonful now and then, and letting it cool. Here it is to be supposed, that though it will jelly presently in small Quantities, yet all the Juice of the Meat may not be extracted ; however, when you find it very strong, strain the Liquor through a Sieve, and let it settle ; then provide a large Stew pan, with Water, and some China Cups, or glazed earthen Ware ; fill these Cups with Jelly taken clear from the Settling, and set them in a Stew-pan of Water, and let the Water boil gently till the Jelly becomes as thick as Glue; after which, let them Hand to cool, and then turn out the Glue upon a Piece of new Flannel, which will draw out the Moisture; turn them once in fix or eight Hours, and put them upon a fresh Flannel, and so continue to do till they are quite dry, a :d keep it in a dry warm Place : This will harden so much, that it will be … hard as Glue in a little Time, and may be carried in the Pocket without Inconvenience. You are to use this by boiling about a Pint of Water, and pouring it upon a Piece of the Glue or Cake, about the Bigness of a small Walnut, and stirring it with a Spoon till the Cake dissolves, which will make very strong good Broth…..
    To make Cake Soop of Beef,
    GET a Leg, or what they call, in some Places, a Shin of Beef, prepare it as prescribed above for the Leg of Veal, and use the muscular Parts only, as directed in the foregoing Receipt, doing every Thing as above-mentioned, and you will have a Beef Glue, which, for Sauces, may be "more desirable in a Country House, as Beef is of the strongest Nature of any Flesh : Some prescribe to add to the Flesh of the Leg of Beef, the Flesh of two old Hares, and of old Cocks, to strengthen it the more ; this may be done at Pleasure, but the Stock of all these Cakes, Gravies, or Glues, is the First.
    - The Lady’s Companion, 1753.
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