Venezuela - Surviving On The Edge

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by Yenix, Feb 25, 2019.

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    See that is the true prepper attitude. Use what you have at hand. I have PVC laying around in just about ever commercial building, lawn or in my little storage space (too small to be called a room). I have firearms and the ability to reload (in two months) but if I ran out of ammo, then I want to go primitive. Wood bows are much harder (more skill required) to fabricate, so I decided on PVC.
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    One of the plans preppers tend to make is to bug out to a rural location. We all know how bad the cities are in Venezuela. What is it like in the rural and remote areas?
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    Nothing is exactly the same but basically what's going on in Venezuela is about the same (similar is better word) to other politically disturbed areas or nations.

    Arrive to Rural Point B from Urban Point A with a couple of large wheeled duffels and it's like launching a flare announcing that everything you need is here.

    The major danger will be disease, dangerous infections and the related. The word "contagious" explains.

    Venezuela's oil industry and foreign participants in Lake Maracaibo area get much attention and this environment is off-limits.

    I am a former urbanite who retreated to a rural area in Virginia. Things change. Building permits were given out like politician numerous, the place is overbuilt and dangerous for prep matters. Have a UPS - uninterrupted power supply - a generator that kicks in when Dominion Energy supply stops and roving semi-human trash will stalk areas trying to "obtain" no-cost generators. Can't say much more beyond this. Venezuela of course is in worst shape by magnitudes.

    Prepper work just cannot be done alone. Someone has to staff the walls 24/7.
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