Venezuelans Leave By Walking

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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    I am posting this both for its news value and also how to prepare based on some of the problems these people experienced.

    Am aware they are in the "poor" category.

    Note that some carried Venezuelan flags.

    Note "but every pharmacy was out of stock".

    Note "after being robbed back at the border".

    Article lists this as "one of the biggest migrations in modern history".

    The pictures are excellent to study for one's own personal planning. The lead picture has her carrying her baby, a small pack and wearing inadequate clothing. These folks are desperate. There's another picture of a 4 (four) year old also making this passage. Repeat: 4 years old.


    Fortunately we have no Madura in office yet.

    Prep, prep, prep for the unexpected
    and factor in safety.
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