Victor Davis Hanson Discusses California

Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by Pragmatist, Oct 31, 2019.

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    VDH compares California's emergency rooms to Dante's Inferno". So true.

    There are methods and techniques to stop "swarming looters".

    In blunt terms, I view today's California, aggravated by their wildfires, as a reminder of the Ukraine in 1932-1933. Stalin created an artificial famine. The Ukrainian term: "Holodomer" = "to kill by starvation".

    Is California finished for this generation ?
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    It is a very sad state of affairs, and one completely of their own making. I feel sorry for the people in the North who will never be able to out vote San Francisco and Los Angeles. They are doomed to paying the outrageous taxes, and getting none of the services.

    What is worse is that it is an unsustainable economy. It will collapse, and guess where they are going to come for the bail out? Worse yet, they are not alone, and not even the worst. New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Kentucky (How did they get there?) all have even worse debt ratios. There will come a day when the piper has to be paid.
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