Vinegar For Insect Bites

Discussion in 'First Aid and Medicine' started by Corzhens, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. Corzhens

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    This is a home remedy that based on tradition, vinegar is good for insect bites whether mosquitoes, ants, bedbugs and especially the hairy crawler that irritates the skin when the hair touches the human skin. Vinegar pacifies the itch and neutralizes the "venom" from the insect. Especially when you are attacked by a horde of wasps or honeybees, old folks say that you can die from excessive sting. Be quick in applying vinegar on the affected skin to avoid complications.
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  2. Xilkozuf

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    Oh yes, vinegar is extremely good in this cases! If you allow me I would add that if you got only a few bites you need just very little vinegar, otherwise if you got a lot of bites and you can have a access to a bathtub, then put 2 cups and half of vinegar in it.
  3. OursIsTheFury

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    That was a useless advice for me. I had to go into the mountains in college for 3 days at a time, usually to help the communities with health problems as well as get out of "city living" and live off nature. I was a magnet of mosquitoes (I don't even think they're mosquitoes, too small and fast) and the folk there told me to bathe in a mixture of water and vinegar. Not only did I stink the entire time, it didn't work and I still had to wear layers of clothes just to avoid getting bit. Couldn't cover my ears though so they feasted on that.
  4. Ystranc

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    It will only make them worse.
    Bee venom is already strongly acidic and should be treated with an alkaline solution of bicarbonate of soda.
    Wasp stings are alkaline and can be treated with vinegar. A single wasp can and will sting multiple times whereas each bee will sting only once. The bee's sting detaches from the bee along with musculature and venom sacks and remains in the skin pumping venom for at least another 30 seconds as the honey bee dies.
    The best way to reduce the effect of a bee sting from a honey bee is to scrape the detached sting from your skin with the blade of a knife before too much venom is injected.
  5. Keith H.

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    I seem to recall that vinegar is used to remove jelly fish tentacles & relieve the pain.
  6. Xilkozuf

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    Yes, it's effective also against jellyfishes. It help a bit adding it to a bit of sea water (NEVER use freshwater, since it would break the cysts and make things even worse).
  7. m33kuh

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    Yes indeed. Vinegar is often used to disinfect minor insect bites but there are also other insect bites that become fatal and will lead to infection if treated with vinegar. As long as you don't use vinegar to open wounds or severe bites that can be infected, then it will be fine I guess.
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