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    Urban survival can be assisted by vigilance. Paying attention to the warning signs around you of when shit's going to hit the fan can help you be able to act on your bug-out plan and bug out before it's too late. Inside of inner cities, it will be very dangerous during catastrophes and natural disasters. The people who live in the cities are not all bad, but gangs will run wild. People will go to extreme distances they normally would not have gone to because of the situation they are in.

    When you start to see signs of chaos and violence such as looting, rioting, and fires breaking out in the streets it's a good time to get out of dodge if you haven't already done so. Paying attention to what is happening and the cause of the situation that has put you in this place to begin with can help you determine what actions are needed for a solution.

    Urban survival can be achieved by planning ahead. Having supplies on hand before they become hard to obtain is a great idea. The Old Boy Scout motto be prepared is one that you should live by in order to survive in any kind of emergency survival situation in an urban environment. When the power and water goes out trust me things will get crazy and if you have a place to bug out too that's exactly what you should do.
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    You need to know your city well too.

    It's part of being prepared for the worst. Map out an escape route just in case because you may not be able to drive out of the city if the roads are blocked. I've seen it happen in a number of places. And just one escape route may not do. You need to have a backup plan in case you need to try another route.
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    best thing is to not live in a city in the first place.
    I used to but I got out 17 years ago.
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    Zombie apocalypse. If you've ever read the blue book of medical emergency I'm sure you are well aware of how death seems to lurk around the corner even at the hospital.
    The other warning sign is nuclear or meteor fallout. When accident strikes a 6 or 7 year shelter would be nice.
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    As per the story told by the brother of our housemaid, it was total chaos when their province was hit by the devastating typhoon Yolanda in 2013. So many dead all around the shore towns. After a few days, shortage of food is already felt and the capital city was looted by the people. It's a good thing that there were no riots, just looting and thievery. Even the neighbors were not spared, stealing chickens or even fruits. That event has taught us a neat lesson on how to act properly in times of great disasters. People would save themselves and wouldn't mind anyone, no help, no assistance, no nothing. So if a disaster like that would occur in your place, you'd better be sure to have a safe shelter that couldn't be easily penetrated by scavengers.
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