New Member Watching It Snow -- Thinking I Might Need My Bob

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by blindbirddog, Mar 14, 2017.

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    I live in the Granite state (NH), but was born in the Midwest and later worked in the west (CO/NE). I had to hunt and fish in different environments with slightly different challenges. The ones without water are tough, but sometimes too much water is just as bad. It is never dry in NH.

    My survival bag was first fashioned in the 1980 when I was a post doc in CO. I always have multiple ways to make a fire in the bag. The hunter's safety course instructor in CO told stories of people who did not make it and then described what the deceased had in their pack they could have started a fire with. Flashlight, wire and gun powder.

    I am getting ready to retire from being a scientist at an Ivy League medical school and am looking forward to my new career - doing nothing but hunting, fishing and shooting. My latest winter activities have focused on bug out bags (BOB) for my family. I wish someone had willed me one. The one item I don't often see on lists for your BOB essentials is a candle. In my opinion it is a critical fire starter for obvious reasons.

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing from those who have more survival experience than I do.

    I wonder what the average weight of BOBs is and how that relates to the focus of the bag. (more water, more food, more fire starters). In the northeast you could probably get by without bringing water with you. A container and filter would keep you hydrated. Any data on BOB weights in different parts of the country?

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    I agree re the candle, I always have one in my pack plus a small candle in my fire bag. I use flint.steel & tinderbox for making fire, & it has never let me down even under the wettest conditions. As I carry a flintlock, I also carry gunpowder, & I store spare tinder in a gunpowder bag when the bag is empty.
    My knapsack weighs 9 kilos but I can survive a life time in the wilderness with what I carry.
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