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Discussion in 'Survival Gear' started by cluckeyo, May 28, 2016.

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    What is the best gear for getting down the river? This is a new area for me. Canoe, fishing boat, kayak... which is better? What makes one better than another? I would need to carry a pack also, so there would have to be room for that. Any thoughts on this?
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    That would be very much dependant on what was happening.
    In lots of instances it may be deadly to use waterways
    I have a friend who go's as he calls it Sacking
    He has two heavy duty waxed canvas sacks he gets in one up to his armpits complete with braces and tightens it
    he puts his kit in the other with a tether and then just jumps in and drifts downstream!

    He thinks its fun, I think he is barking mad. No idea if it is just him or there are other nutters out there!
    I always remember it as a possible option but I think a very last option.
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    If you are in crocodile waters, no type of boat is safe unless it is a very big one. I was 10 years in the Territory & whilst up there I got around in one of my two canoes. I was lucky to avoid a croc attack. Canoes are great for getting around in, easy to carry, easy to use, & great in shallow waters. You only need one paddle, but I recommend that you always carry a spare.
    Now I am using an 18th century design of boat, a little heavier than a canoe, but it carries a lot of gear & it is good in shallow waters. Very stable & easy to use. Again you only need one paddle.
    Another advantage of using a boat like mine or a canoe, is that you can use it as a shelter. Just drag it ashore & tip it on its side. Drape an oilcloth over it & peg it down.
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