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    When we need to find water in the wilderness a useful resource are some specific trees that really love water: for this reason digging nearby them might provide us with a good water resource. For example willows and sambucus (also known as elders). You might also try to dig in greener areas where the stems are tall and fleshy.
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    There is a tree here called Tubig which literally means water. It is called such because it grows over where there is water underground. Diggers of well are confident when they find Tubig tree around. That indication of water underground was very helpful during the 2nd world war when people went to the rural areas to escape the bombings.
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    I searched a bit on Google for a "Tubig" tree, even in Wikipedia of different languages, and I have found literally nothing. Do you know what the english name of this tree is? It sounds interesting and I would like to know a bit more, but Internet surprisingly is not helpful this time...
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    I think water nearby trees or mountain stream in general that comes from the top can be good. You can see that it may however in some cases you'd find mineral in the mountain water. So you have to pay attention to that part. Not a lot of people can have such mineral water from mountains. Another thing you have to watch out if there are poisonous animals and tree nearby. Because that also affects the quality of water.
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