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    I think it's crucial that while you learn to hunt for food while in survival mode, you must also learn from your "food". Track them, find out where they get their water. Be mindful that you don't take up the entire water source (in the event that all you have to survive on is a small puddle), because you don't want to dehydrate and deplete your source. I used to live in California and during a drought, it was damn near impossible to find even the smallest puddle in a desert. While hiking, I noticed that little field mice would drink whatever water they could out of these little puddles and thought to myself that if I were to drink all of their water, they will go away and find another source, and then I'd be out of a food source. If I save them some water as well, they will stick around and I will have food AND water. It has worked out well. Circle of life.
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