Water, very important!

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    Water is one of the most important things in any survival situation, you can go without food for up to two weeks but water you cannot go longer than 3 days! It is very important to have a source of water accessible in a very short distance stores may not always be around to buy water as well as if the infrastructure fails there is no way to get the water from your faucet. Good locations for water are located almost everywhere, as long as the water is flowing like a river or stream it can be purified for drinking by simply boiling it. As on my property I have a well that is currently ran by a electric water pump but as a backup I can also remove the electric pump and put a hand pump in its place or as well I can put a water windmill pump if I need a continuous flow of water which in a survival situation you do not a hand pump would work the best in my opinion.
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    Where in central Washington you would think there is not alot of water but you would be suprised, we have a well and our static level is 18 feet underground, we live about 900 feet above the valley floor.
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