Ways of Hiding a Fire

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    There is a way to hide your fire when trying to stay undetected. This method is called the Dakota fire hole. The best way to make this hidden fireplace would be by or even in the roots of a tree so that the tree branches and leaves help dissipate the smoke. This fire pit is very helpful for avoiding detection. The flames are hidden underground, and the fire burns hotter producing less smoke which is, after all, the goal of hiding your fireplace. Start by simply digging a hole about 6 inches into the ground. Then make a 6-inch diameter airway about a foot away from the edge of the fire pit so that the fire has oxygen to breathe.Then make a ring out of stones around the fire pit.Once you have built the ring around your fire, then start a fire inside the 8-inch hole and start boiling water or cooking food immediately. Do not start a fire unless you absolutely need one for disinfecting water or cooking food. If hiding is your absolute priority being warm is not worth giving away your position just keep moving.
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    Dakota fire holes are effectivly turbo stoves, and are fairly effecent. Building them among the roots of a tree and using strictly small dry wood keeps the smoke clear and breaks up any that it makes. Don't forget the smell of smoke travels so it's not 100% undetectable
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    Dry fires are almost invisible during the day!
    I usually dry wood for my next fire over the hot coals of my last fire
    If onlt wet wood is available I build a small fire with my dried wood and layed wet wood over it so it mostly dries before it burns in the fire
    Very little smoke with really dry wiid!
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