Ways to Irrigate Water

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    In a survival situation that is long term, you will most likely end up growing a garden. This garden will require water on a regular basis in order for your plants to thrive. Unless you plan on making multiple trips back and forth to a water source or have one readily available to you-you have to utilize a form of irrigation. There are multiple different forms of irrigation that are available. By familiarizing yourself with these forms of irrigation, you will have a better knowledge of how to apply them to your situation and which one best fits your situation. A common form of irrigation is to find your fresh water source and a small irrigation ditches that lead towards your field where your garden is. These ditches are often blocked off using rocks or boards to dam them. When it is time to water your plants you simply remove the rock or board and water is allowed to flow through the ditch, you dug to the point you desire.
    Another method of irrigation is runoff irrigation. This is when you utilize water that gathers at one point on a roof to the ground, and where water rolls off of a cliff edge. The point where the water starts to run off you simply use tubing of some sorts that would run down into a hose or ditch. This hose or ditch would then be dug or laid to go towards your garden. These are but two simple ways of irrigation that are available. There are many others that you can study. Basically, when it comes to irrigation you want a way to get water to your crop but you also want a way to turn that water off.
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