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    There are a multitude of things that one can do today when it comes to saving power. Saving power is not going out and looking for a coupon because well they don't make those for your power bill. If you want to save power the way you do this is by purchasing energy efficient appliances. They cost a little bit more but in the long run, these appliances not only end up paying for themselves they help to conserve on precious natural resources for the future. By turning lights off in your home when not needed and not running outside lights carelessly you can help to conserve on the energy is well. Changing these light bulbs out with low watt LED versions will also help to considerably cut back on energy costs. Lowering the thermostat in the wintertime and raising your thermostat in the summer time is another way to help conserve energy. By utilizing fans and opening windows you can help to save money in the summer time while covering up with blankets and wearing warmer clothes is in the winter time will help to save money and resources on the power then.
    Unplugging unused appliances in your home is another great way to save on power. Many appliances today are designed with little LED lights to let you know they are on called indicator lights. These indicator lights do not draw very much power so to say, but when you combine the power drawn by these LED indicator lights with everybody on the planet, there is a noticeable amount of power used up. No need to have the light on staring at you for no reason running your power bill up when you can just unplug it and save yourself the energy. By not running in and out of your dwelling constantly you can help to keep the temperature set at one temperature without it kicking on and off your whether it is your air conditioner or heater this will definitely save you some power. Simple steps in being conservative and planning your methods of saving power can help you dramatically cut your energy costs as well as conserve power for the future. Our power, after all, is a natural resource that will run out one day unless we find an alternative way of living or an alternative source for energy. Save that energy now while you can do for our children and grandchildren tomorrow.
  2. Tom Williams

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    Shelter thats temp candles. If perament shelter run light at 12volt far less draw on power source leaves 110 for freezer and fridge to work most of us are better off to use wind for power
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    We were raised to always try to save electricity. No one leaves a light on that isn't needed or an appliance on that isn't necessary. I think that this is an easier practice to follow if you were raised that way. I have had roommates and such that were not raised to care one iota about the amount of electricity they use. It takes quite a while for them to really get into the habit.
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    the problem post collapse will not be saving electricity, it'll be not having any.
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    OK for the energy wise out there!
    Those little standby lights are there for a reason!
    Electronics are delicate things and as temperature changes cause fatigue in electronics
    Manufacturers discovered long ago that keeping stuff on standby and using small amounts of electricity greatly
    prolonged the service life of said stuff!
    But now! for the sake of a few cents worth of electricity many will wear out power switch's as they have a service life of only so many operations!
    they will reduce the usable lifespan of there stuff so increasing costs!

    SO saving that little bit of electricity costs you greatly in other areas!

    Also by turning the power on and off constantly you greatly increase the chance of malfunctions and house fires!

    So the choices are saving a few cents on power but greatly increasing costs elsewhere and catastrophic fires!
    Using stuff as it was designed to be used increasing your power bill by cents per month but saving on replacement and repair costs while greatly reducing the chance of house fires!

    It is a no brainer for me! I use appliances as designed, my stuff always last a long time and I never have burnouts or such

    My microwave is from the ark and still going strong!, my old tv was from the 80's and only got thrown out because it was analoge and the signal got turned off!
    Nice new big digital flatscreen now!:)
    I have a battery trickle charger that I plugged in in 1982 and except for a few relocations has been plugged in and left since!
    My laptop charger has been plugged in and turned on for six and a bit years now!
  6. remnant

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    I think it depends on the kind of electricity you use. Solar power and wind power which are both renewable sources of energy would negate the need for overly inconvenient cuts on electricity in order to save. Nowadays, there is a whole range of appliances which are solar powered with inbuilt solar cells including phones which can be awesome in survival situations.
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    There is a range of new features that is geared at reducing electricity consumption. Led bulbs, inverters for air conditioners and freezers, and energy derived from solar power. These features have proved to drastically reduce electricity consumption costs. However, the start-up costs for generating solar power may prove to hindrance for some people to acquire this process.
  8. cluckeyo

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    We run electric fans as long as we can before succumbing to the AC. Then once we turn on the AC, we still run the fans. You can run the ACs at a higher temp if you do this. And those fans really move the air around. It helps a lot. We have 2 large freezers. I recently combined the contents into only one freezer. Then I cleaned out the other one, let it dry thoroughly, and it is sitting there for if and when we need it. Perhaps if we have a big garden. I turn off lights when not in use. We are not TV watchers. Generally if it's not being used, I turn it off.
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    We are sinners when it comes to energy saving. As I had posted in another thread, we leave 5 night lights as protection from potential intruders - our village is the favorite of petty thieves and burglars. With air conditioning, the operation starts when the thermometers says 30 degrees C in the living room, that's about 10am until 5pm. Don't laugh but that air conditioning is for our dogs. And at night time, the air conditioner of our bedroom would be running all night long.

    In fairness to us, we have tried the solar lamps for the garden and had planned to install solar lamps around the house so we wouldn't need to leave the night lights running. But the solar lamp was a flop. It was not lighting up after 1 week of use. The dealer said it is the battery that is acting up. But whatever it is, that solar lamp is not practical for now.
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