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    When it comes to making weapons in a survival situation, this can be a factor in determining more than just your safety. It can determine whether you eat or not. Weapons are great to give you a piece of mind but also an essential tool when it comes to hunting. A weapon can be manufactured out of many different items. Spears, knives, bow and arrows, clubs, and other items will become most useful should technology fail to exist. During the time of the disaster, everybody might not have a gun accessible. Not to mention if you do have a gun eventually you will probably run out of bullets. Bullets will not be available to purchase at the store during catastrophes or natural disasters. Knowing how to fashion weapons out of natural items will be most beneficial to anyone looking to survive. The simplest of weapons is a club or spear. By simply sharpening the end of a stick you can make a spear. A spear can come in handy when trying to fend off wild animals or even mean people.
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    Thank you for this..especially the picture of a homemade weapon..because we may not have a gun on us and there are predators out there.
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    I know some people say you can scare coyotes and such with whistles and air horns...but a pack of hungry predators is another story.
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    I think the most common weapon is the wooden spear or lance, one with a pointed end, of course. It is the basic and natural or maybe instinctive weapon of humans against animals. Even i the sea or river, that spear can also be used not just for a defensive weapon but also for hunting food. Maybe I would get lost in the woods by myself, I would also fashion a spear with a length of my height and a diameter of about 2 inches and made of hard wood. They say that is the most comfortable and convenient spear.

    But for a secondary weapon, a baton-like piece of wood or hard stick can do for a weapon particularly for use against small animals like feral dogs and cats or even scavenging rats.... and probably against frogs too.
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    A very good weapon setup is just a sharpened and fire hardened wooden spear about one inch or so in diameter and a bit longer than you!
    Don't make just one make many
    A lightweight shield and several short like 500mm long pointed sticks! clipped to the back of the shield!
    Your weak side arm has the shield and that hand carries the spare spears, while your strong side arm carries one spear!
    You can stab or throw the spears use the short ones for stabbing as these can be made so are disposable!
    Run out of that then you use the weapons you cant afford to lose like a steel machete and or dagger!

    If you are fighting you do not want to be reliant on retrieving your one and only spear or spend time unarmed or not fighting like getting that spear back!
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    i found that twisted bits of scrap metal make great spear heads but i used an old knife to make my one and then used some copper pipe cut offs hammered in to fit, this gave balance to the end for throwing and such. Love my spear.. have only caught a pheasant with it so far.
    a large net hung up between trees is great for catching multiple pheasants if you have the energy to chase them through the woods towards your net and then break multiple necks before they escape lol

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    a bow and arrow can be made from natural materials when everything else is used up, so i'll stick with that.
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    Whatever weapon you choose get it now and learn how to usse it any weapon has it limits
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