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    Good afternoon all,

    The National Weather Service / NOAA has a web site with good info above. It is also set up for a course.

    Weather is safety; it is the most checked site I check before going out for field work, whether as an emergency responder or private citizen during situations where I might need to GOOD - Get Out Of Dodge.

    It's always good to know about Cirrus and Nimbogranite.

    My first real weather lesson was in the US Army at Ft Lewis, Washington. After arrival we assembled and listened to some senior sergeant give us an intro briefing.

    He told us:
    "If you can see Mt Rainier, it is going to rain. If you cannot see Mt Rainier, it is raining."

    Again, the safety aspects of knowing about weather is worth glancing at above link, possibly saving it and perhaps taking the on-line, no-cost course.
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