Whаt аrе sоmе survivаl tips fоr fаlling intо а frоzеn lаkе?

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  1. Goodman

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    Whаt аrе sоmе survivаl tips fоr fаlling intо а frоzеn lаkе?
    Is it аs simplе аs finding thе hоlе yоu fеll thrоugh аnd swimming bасk up оr dоеs thе shосk оf frееzing wаtеr rеndеr yоu inсаpаblе?
    Wоuld it bе bеst tо tаkе yоur сlоthеs оff first оr wоuld thаt bе а wаstе оf еnеrgy?
  2. Tom Williams

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    When walking on ice you carry long nails around your neck on cord to grab and use to spike ice and pull yourself out 2 nails 3inches longer than the width of hand are best
  3. neoKit

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    First one needs not to panic because panicking can result to drowning. One needs to find a way out of the freezing waters so that they won't freeze to death. I have never been to such a situation and I know how hard it is for one to figure out what to do next but one must be brave and courageous to avoid drowning.
  4. Keith H.

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    Number 1, don't fall in. Number 2 if there is no under current you can hopefully come up through the same hole. I carry plenty of tools that I could use for breaking through the ice, but the best thing is not to risk it in the first place. Consider your options, why do you NEED to cross the ice? Is there another way? If you don't know how strong the ice is, stay off it.

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