Whаt аrе thе bеst urbаn survivаl tips?

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    Whаt аrе thе bеst urbаn survivаl tips?
    оftеn survivаl tips (Tоm Brоwn еt. аl.) fосus оn wildеrnеss survivаl, but whаt shоuld оnе dо if оnе is in аn urbаn аrеа аnd yоu nееd tо survivе (intеrprеt thе sсеnаriо аs yоu sее fit
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  2. Keith H.

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    The best tip is "get out of town". Right now you have the opportunity to learn wilderness survival skills, so that is what you should be doing. That & equipping yourself properly.
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    If for some reason you can't get out of town then you need to stay out of sight. Odds are most people will stay in the city only as long as their food supplies last. When there's no food, they'll wander off. Stay put a little while longer and leave when you are sure it's relatively safe. This is why you need food and medical supplies that could last six or so months.

    You have to do some "reconnoitring" first though.
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    practise "operation awareness"...watch what is going on around you, many people do not. get off that mobile phone and take those earphones out of your ears, actually look at what is going on around you.
    even though I no longer live in a city, I still sit in a public place with my back to a wall, and I don't like foot steps coming up behind me(I step to one side and let them pass me).

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