What about physical preparedness?

Discussion in 'Mental Preparedness' started by cluckeyo, Jun 17, 2016.

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  1. cluckeyo

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    I can improve in all areas of survival preparedness. And that includes physical fitness. Survival will require a lot more physical stamina, I think, than what is required in the every day world as we know it. It would promote mental wellness too, to be physically fit. I would be more alert, and ready to take on whatever came at me. If you are physically fit already, I would say you have a huge advantage in the area of survival. For me, this is one thing I have to add to the list. A seriously important preparation!
  2. Toast

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    I think that being physically fit is actually really important to survival. In really any survival situation, being able to climb places, run faster than things, or generally not get winded is a pretty good skill to have. I think it's pretty important to be in at least decent physical shape if you want to survive in almost any situation. Obviously mental preparedness is also a priority, but I think being physical fit is one of the best assets you can have.
  3. NormaD

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    True. I feel that if you are physically fit then you stand a much, much better chance of survival than someone who isn't. There is a certain confidence that comes from having physical strength in those situations and not being at the mercy of others. I have always tried to keep physically fit, and I have to say it has a very positive impact on my mental state as well.
  4. crimsonghost747

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    Of course physical fitness plays a big role. But getting fit has way more benefits than just "ohh I'll be fit incase the SHTF", it will benefit your regular life on a daily basis.
    So go for it! :)
  5. Verity

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    I was looking for this! People are preparing with weapons, training, buying things, but if you're 300 pounds and cannot do cardio or lift anything all that preparedness will do you no good. I was hoping there would be a section about getting physically fit for the worst case scenario. I think you are right. If you are pushing yourself to get better to be fit to protect your loved ones it will help you mentally.
  6. djordjem87

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    I think both physical an mental are important equally. Like in any sport, you need both to be good at it. If you lean on your mental readiness you will probably find out that it would be in vain if you cannot climb that rock, or go up that hill. Maybe you will need to move something and you just cannot do it. Not to mention fast walking, running and maybe even fighting. You need strength and stamina equally when it comes to mental readiness.
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