What Are the Best Foods in a Survival Situation

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    If you are thrown into a survival situation, you may need to consider an important factor. This important factor is what kind of foods are you going to eat and which ones are the best for you. Obviously, if you are trying to rough it in a survival situation steak and lobster is not the choice meal to haul around. In fact staying away from meats all together is going to be a valid suggestion. You must look at the environment you are in in order to determine what foods are available to you.

    Sometimes nothing more than grasses and leaves will be there. These will sustain you for a short period of time but you will need protein. This is when you will want to hunt for fresh meat. If you are looking to pack a survival kit to have in your vehicle for emergencies, take into consideration the climate you live in. For example, if you live in a place like Wisconsin where it is negative 30 degrees 9 months out of the year things such as bottled water and normal canned supplies will freeze.

    For this reason you will want to carry things like a Sterno stove and body warmers to heat and cook foods. Not to mention the extra heat in a survival situation may be just what you need. Always remember to keep a good supply of emergency drinking water on hand as well as a first-aid kit and some basic food essentials such as granola, beef jerky, and dried fruits. This will help make a bad situation a little bit better.
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    The best foods are the ones you have!
    Grass seeds dried and ground are good, same as earthworms!
    Meats can be got for protein maybe not your preferred type but meat is meat!
    A large net is very handy to catch birds and fish and a few other things!
    and remember bones are not waste! crush them up fine and add to meat etc.
    Leg ala dog is just as good as lamb!
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