What are the signs of impeding disaster?

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by Arboreal, Jun 4, 2016.

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  1. Arboreal

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    Part of effective preparation is to know when the stuff is going to happen. Naturally, sometimes it's impossible to predict, and you should always be prepared for a nasty surprise, but sometimes we can gain info beforehand if we stay alert. What are the signs of coming emergency you are checking for? Hurricanes, for instance, are usually predicted by the services and there will be a general alert in the affected area even before they strike. On the other hand, things like earthquakes are still unpredictable. There's also the question of a societal collapse, like a war breaking out, and this may or may not grdaully manifest itself before it strikes.
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  2. Keith H.

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    We sometimes get a warning of natural disasters, sometimes not. On the world stage I guess we will get some warning if things are going bad. Internally though it is not so easy, take the erosion of our humane rights, it has been a slow process, bit by bit so people don't realise what is happening. That is the way it will be in my opinion. The government is gaining more power & getting rich & sacrificing the average citizen to do it. Many of us know this, but we are unable to get the support of a majority in Australia because the majority have their heads buried in the sand, they DON'T want to know!!! My family is digging in now, as far as I am concerned the signs are already there to read.
  3. Valerie

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    Hmm. This is a thought provoking question, for sure. As you say, OP, certain natural disasters can be tracked -- though the severity of the storm is never truly known until it strikes. Take Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, for example. You could say that the collapse of civilization is much like a hurricane. We might see it coming in the form of civil wars, riots, outrage, and acts of blind aggression that generally increase global tension until things snap. But at the same time, this tension might lead to nothing... like a hurricane that downgrades to a tropical depression before landfall. I think when SHTF, there will be indications but no clear-cut catalyst.

    In other words, we might smell the sulfur in the water but won't know the cause until the top of the volcano blows off.
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  4. John Snort

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    With wars you could notice the tensions building up before all hell breaks loose. Usually when tensions flare and nations are trading threats then this might be followed by some sort of arms race + military build up. Though an all-out war may not follow when you see the signs best to be prepared for the worst.
  5. 111kg

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    It really depends what king of a disaster are we talking about. A financial disaster? A cataclysm? Because there are ways to counter them or at least to be prepared for when the things go south.

    For instance, I already told that I am working in the finance industry. Unlike some of my peers, I prefer to buy assets instead of re-investing the money in some complex financial high risk instruments. If the things go south, at least I will have land, guns, food and so on, not just papers.
  6. lonewolf

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    natural disasters are not so easy to predict, a weather related disaster might be forecast in advance, maybe not.
    on the other hand a man made disaster wont be so immediate, this may happen over some period of time, maybe subtle hardly noticeable at first, but before long even the village idiot will be able to see something isn't right.
  7. Arkane

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    There are warning signs all over the place, some will mean nothing some will mean everything!
    We will not know until after what was the actual trigger! and it wont really matter!
  8. remnant

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    In any situation, the sixth sense alerts an individual that something is just not right. Some people have the spirit of discernment and can detect an impending contingency using uncanny intuition with amazing accuracy. I belong to this group (no self puffing intended). Some situations are more obvious than others but I guess the more one ages and wizens, figuring emergency situations becomes easier.
  9. lonewolf

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    signs of SHTF:
    1. more violence in your area.
    2. group behaviour changes, survival brings people closer together and makes others less human.
    3. dead streets.
    4. new leaders emerge.
    5. nobody to trust anymore.
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