What Are Your Real Thoughts On A Civil War?

Discussion in 'Other Not Listed Situations' started by Colorado Prepper, Mar 29, 2019.

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  1. Colorado Prepper

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    I feel this subject isn't covered well enough on this forum. And I believe a war fought on American soil is the most likely threat we all will face. A fellow member of this forum that I hold in high esteem, mentioned to me on another thread about the subject of Civil War, that, "Once it comes to confiscation, then it will be time to fight." (meaning weapons).

    Local Gov'ts in CA and PA have already passed laws regarding restriction and registration. Then those local gov'ts bend the definition of certain types of guns, and they're showing up in force on peoples doors to confiscate the very guns those citizens just bought and registered in those states. And I hear tidbits of other counties in various other states doing the same. The media is not covering this, because they don't want you to know about it. And YT videos of this happening, get shadow banned, immediately. Folks, they are as I sit here and type, confiscating weapons. It is only a matter of time before the liberals buy the right people in your state offices before these "laws" are passed and enforced in your state, and on you. The liberal media is blocking this from getting out. Don't think they can't do it, cause they are.

    This is how they are going to take your guns. YOU, the grizzled survivalist reading this rant. You can say "over my dead body" all you want. But when you get blindsided by 10 armed police officers, you then have 2 choices. Let them confiscate your guns, or let them confiscate your guns over your dead body, whilst being villainized for defending yourself on the news afterward. Your choice. They have started the slow disarming process of law abiding American citizens. Look it up people! I'm not ruffling your feathers just to do it. And I do want to ruffle them.

    I think we need a CW. Corruption runs too deep in this country. It's a cancer. One of the many cancers that has ruined what AMERICA IS SUPPOSED TO BE! It needs to be torn down past the foundation to the ground underneath and rebuilt. They are holding a conflict off by keeping us from knowing about what their doing. I served in the Army, and I've been deployed twice. I am a patriot of the first order and I LOVE the thought of traditional America. And this isn't the country I laid my life on the line to protect. No sir.

    The messed up thing is, I don't see hide nor hair of any... group, militias, minutemen, private armies or anything of the sorts. There needs to be one. Not a hundred thousand lone survivalists. We are all watching this unfold, right in front of us. And due to a mixture of our self pride, and disbelief, no one will do anything. I am willing, but not alone. I feel that my hands are tied. Like I'm the only sane person in a full ballroom, screaming at everyone about this like I'm crazy. Our own neutrality on this subject is unnerving. I am beyond frustrated. Something needs to happen. Something big. And I want to be a part of it.

    Your thoughts?

    TENNGRIZZ Expert Member

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    In a round about way the Internet is a committee of correspondence very similar to the Committees formed by the Sons of Liberty in the 1750's or so , 25 years + or - before Lexington and Concord. It is very clear for any one with half a brain to know that these DNC Social Communist and those who support them are no longer our countrymen and they are not going to stop until those who disagree with them are dead , in chains or subjugated by force. IMHO Keep your Knife Sharp and Powder Dry. S/FI!
  3. TMT Tactical

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    @Colorado Prepper
    Yes there could be a time to fight a CW (civil war) but it is not now. The MSM does try to hide or minimize the news on gun confiscation but you know about it, I know about it and most of the member here know about. We have sheriffs in many counties refusing to follow these new "Red laws" and if anybody tries to force them, the news will get out. yes California and many other states are passing unconstitutional laws and in time I think our Supreme Court will turn them back around.

    I fully understand your frustration and concern. CW is a very horrifying endeavor. It is also very complex and expensive. The south did not lose for lack of fighting spirit but from lack of resources and money. Our civil war was determined more or less by state boundaries. How will fighting boundaries be determined in this future CW? Who will fund the war? How will fighter be recruited? How will you identify the enemy fighter or another 2nd. Amendment fighter? What would be legitimate targets of war? Who would be legitimate targets of war? While there a many a day I wish I could remove a few liberal idiots from the gene pool. I sincerely hope we never have to fight another war of American against American.

    TENNGRIZZ Expert Member

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    I am neither frustrated nor concerned in any shape form or fashion , it is what it is , since we are only talking hypothetically based on facts throughout world history and not fantasy. Many tend to think if it ever happens it will be more in line with the breakup of the former Yugoslavia but much larger and nastier. Has to the catalyst , it could be political , economic, Natural Disaster , CYBER , some kind of NBC attack by rouge actors or nations or just a pandemic of some sort. Gabriel could blow his Horn or it could be a combination of any and or all the above. In the good book it says there will be wars and rumors of wars and these things must and will happen. America has lasted longer than any Republic in History so we are probably over due , Democracies and or socialist democracies throughout history ALWAYS fail very miserably and with much bloodshed and suffering for its citizens. JMHO and S/FI!
  5. Morgan101

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    CP: IMHO maybe you should be careful what you wish for. I have studied the Civil War some, and I have read and watched quite a bit. I can't even begin to imagine the carnage, and the horror of watching families torn apart to the point of killing each other over things that can be peacefully resolved. And that doesn't even scratch the surface of how in depth, and convoluted that conflict would be.

    The pendulum swung pretty far to the left back in the 60's. The country was torn apart over racial issues and Viet Nam. Things got progressively worse until we had a President resign, and we had to endure four years of the imbecile Jimmy Carter. The economy was in a shambles. Can you imagine applying for a home loan at a 14% interest rate, and being thrilled when you got it? Inflation and unemployment were both in double digits.

    Then the pendulum swung back. Ronald Reagan was elected, and America returned to prosperity. To coin today's phrase, he made America great again. Carter had made America the laughing stock of the world. He was an embarrassment as a President.

    We are in very similar circumstances today. For the past eight years we had another (worse) embarrassment for a President. IMHO Jimmy Carter was inept. Barack Obama was corrupt. The corruption in that administration was appalling, and the lame stream media gave him a complete pass. It was criminal. That is what we are reaping today.

    As difficult as it might be this corruption has to be weeded out. The people responsible need to be held accountable, and those that broke the law should pay the penalty. We need leaders, not politicians, leaders who have integrity to tell the truth, and do the right things. I don't have a good answer, or a workable solution. I think term limits would be a start. Putting voting records on the front page of the newspaper like Football and Baseball scores might hold people more accountable. Do you know the voting record of any of your elected officials? And I am not picking on you. Do any of us know the voting record of our elected officials?

    I think the solution is in the State House, and not on the battlefield. JMHO.
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  6. Sonofliberty

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    We need a national divorce. It is the only way to avoid bloodshed. IMO, the liberals will not allow it and those who refuse to allow a peaceful solution are the cause of the bloodshed sure to follow. IMO, I would rather fight now than have my kids or grandkids have to suffer through it because my generation would not stand up.
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  7. Ystranc

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    An interesting thread, the erosion of rights is always difficult to accept.
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  8. Sourdough

    Sourdough "ALASKAN"

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    We don't need a civil war, to implement change.

    A two week strike by the East and West coast longshoremen Union, coupled with a two week strike by the Teamsters Union, shutting down nearly all Trucking. And nearly everyone else who actually produces something call in sick for two weeks.

    I guarantee that the Government and the Ruling Class Oligarchy, will quickly figure out how the bear shits in the buckwheat.

    For one thing the Dow Jones Industrial Average will drop 10,000 points, and nothing wakes Oligarchies like seeing their pretend wealth go bye-bye.

    The "True Working Class" has the power........they just need a strong leader. It is possible that if Trump got pissed-off he could be a strong leader.
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  9. Duncan

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    It seems that when people talk about losing their Constitutional rights, it's mostly about guns, not about freedom of the press, i.e. labeling the Free Press as the "enemy of the people". I know a lot of people from both sides of the political chasm who are real defenders of the Constitution, as long as it's a part of the Constitution they happen to agree with.

    We all have a right to own a gun -- and step on the American Flag. Either we believe in freedom or we don't!

    Many of the people who talk about a civil war would put themselves on the side of the "Constitutionalists". I'll tell you what -- it's the people who subvert the Constitution for their own agenda who are real enemies!
  10. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    I’m not so sure about a civil war so much as a revolution. The division in the US isn’t a regional issue like in the Civil War so much as a division of philosophy. The big urban centers are voting a solid left while the places that are not in the major population centers are voting solid right. This is true whether you are talking about Texas, California or New York.

    I personally have absolutely no fear of the liberal in a militaristic sense. They are nearly 100% mouth and 0% action. What I do see, and fear is the fact that the government that they are putting in power are breaking away from not just the constitution but also just plain legal actions. The FBI refuses to indict liberals that have flaunted their lack of respect for the rule of law. On the other side, they endlessly persecute elected people from the right. What is the point of voting if the Government then blocks that ability of legally elected people from effectively serving in office?

    The Democrats seem to be willing to destroy the country to gain or maintain power and sadly the Republicans only pay lip service to resisting them. Our system has broken down and the government is no longer responsive to the will of the people. Voting doesn’t mean that you live in a functioning democracy. The fat little toad in North Korea gets voted into office regularly as have endless Russian Communist leaders.

    At some point, possibly in the near future, the American people are going to have to decide if they want to be free anymore or is they will just settle for the appearance of freedom. The Government basically has picked who we got to vote for most of the past 6 decades. Trump is the first person that financed his own election and entered the White House without owing his soul to one party or the other. Both parties seem determined that this is NEVER going to happen again. The crazy SOB is actually trying to DO what he promised and that is just unacceptable to members of either party!!

    The thing that I’m uncertain of is who exactly is going to be fighting who. The military is a very conservative group. How exactly will they go if people decide that the only way to clean house is a more direct action than voting? All across the US, you are already seeing police refusing to enforce laws that are wrong or refusing to allow enforcement of laws that are being broken by local and state government like in the sanctuary cities. I’m just not sure how the cards will fall if a revolution were to be the only way left to save our nation.
  11. Ystranc

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    Like your political system our politicians in WestMinster are too evenly divided, so evenly divided in fact that they have reached a kind of stasis. Since they're unable to make policy they instead resort to airing their petty differences in the media in a way that is not only damaging to the way we perceive them but also to the interests of our people and respective countries.
    The fact that we're even having this debate about civil war or revolution is another example of this. Civil war in the USA would only strengthen Chinese and Russian positions, granting China world dominance while leaving the US in ruins.
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  12. poltiregist

    poltiregist Master Survivalist

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    The fact that we're even having this debate about civil war or revolution is another example of this. Civil war in the USA would only strengthen Chinese and Russian positions, granting China world dominance while leaving the US in ruins.[/QUOTE]
    I agree looking at past history China or Russia would be very pleased to see a Civil War happen in one of their adversary countries . When the fighting has weakened both sides they would step in to enjoy the spoils . The bigger question would be would the communist wolves be fighting each other over the spoils ? Another thought on this . Yes citizens could run around killing each other , destroying their own economy , shutting down the power grid , and destroying food supplies but that wouldn't make either side victories . The side that had control of the war planes , tanks and spy satellites would be the victors until the communist stepped in to take over . Sadly we are already seeing governments take over their duped citizens , without a shot being fired . Look at what is happening in the U.K. over Brexit , their leader is refusing to follow their own laws and grant the citizens the freedom they voted for . In the U.S. the communist thought they had the election rigged well enough in 2016 that Hillery didn,t even make much of an effort to campaign . In Australia I don't know how their government got that much control over the people but they gathered up all the civilans modern guns and put them through a grinder . As all through history there is the ruling class and the peasants . It is just some countries have been able to hang onto freedom better than others . Yes a Civil War for freedom is a war worth fighting but to enter such a war with no reasonable chance of winning would be foolish .
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  13. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    Nikita Khrushchev, when he was running the USSR said more than once that eventually, the US would come into the Communist/socialestBrotherhood by their own actions. If we don't nut up and force our current leadership to reflect the real wishes of the American people as described by the constitution we are going to be lucky if we get a socialist rule and not a straight up Washington based Dictatorship run by an aristocracy. We need to throw out the Democrats and Republicans and any other group that places their alliance to a party above their loyalty to the American people and way. Both of the current parties have shown clearly that they are willing to allow the country to go down the tubes to get THEIR way.

    As far as I'm concerned politicians should only get one term in office and we should only have one party, the AMERICAN party. I think that our system now is so broken that there is no way or hope that we can bring the government back to its proper place short of violence. Elections are mostly a joke. You only generally get to vote for the people that the people in the government allow you to vote for.

    You are told that there are three branches of government... The Executive branch, The Congressional branch and the Judicial branch... That is a LIE. There is a fourth branch of the government that has been pushed aside by the other three. The Fourth and most important branch of the government is the constituency...WE THE PEOPLE...Without us, there is no democracy. If we don't reclaim our place all will be lost...
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