What Can We Learn From This?

Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by TexDanm, Jun 11, 2019.

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    You would have to go farther back, but I think you will find the same things happened in Argentina and in Chile. Both had thriving economies that were ruined by Socialist policies.

    Socialism is a failed system. It doesn't work. It hasn't ever worked anywhere, ever. Where would you like to live?

    North Korea: GDP - $32 million. Per capita income - $1300 annually
    South Korea: GDP - $1.6 Trillion. Per capita income - $ 31,000 annually
    Cuba: GDP - $87 Billion. Per capita income - $6445 annually
    Dominican Republic: GDP $201 Billion. Per capita income - $18,300 annually

    Even the Cubans have changed their economic policies. To quote Raul Castro " Either we change course or we sink. "

    A couple of dates are missing on the chart above. June 2012 Venezuela bans private ownership of guns. April 2017 President Maduro announces the arming of his supporters.

    What CAN we learn from this? You would hope that is pretty obvious.

    What WILL we learn from this? Absolutely nothing. Over half of Congress that has done absolutely nothing for over two years standing in the way of a President trying to make things better.
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    VZ made two mistakes. The worst, they gave up their arms. Second mistake, they voted in a socialist. If they had kept their arms, they could have corrected the second mistake.
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    All this was caused by too many F-150's? Who would have thunk it?
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    TexDan, you inadvertently omitted the American Mathematical Society's book "Mathematics For Social Justice".

    Sorry, my mistake, wrong side of the Equator; not Venezuela.


    There's an article in yesterday's 11 June 19 Wall Street Journal by Aaron Rhodes titled "Pompeo Tries to Rescue the Idea of Human Rights - Unmoored from natural law, the 'liberal world order' generally hasn't produced liberty."

    I've got the refined pulp from trees article in my reading pile for today .
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    I don't think that the step by steps in the history of the demise of any other country is remotely relevant to the future (TOTAL DESTRUCTION) of America.
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