What Do You Think About How 2017 Was Portrayed Years Ago?

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    Everyone is familiar with Back to The Future and how the main character went forward in time to 2015. What do you think about how the present day was portrayed in older movies or videos? I think BTTF was surprisingly accurate. Even the shoes were accurate. We even have flying cars (with no air conditioning). I looked at old videos from the 90s, and even back then the age of the videos was evident. They said things like "what is the internet"? or old things about computers. Even movies from the early 2000s, surprised me because they got it quite right. Their portrayal of the year 3000 was not some black and white cartoonistic portrayal. Everything in the suburbs was still underdeveloped compared to the cities, which makes sense. Now the movie's portrayal of the future wasn't perfect, but I was still impressed. People tended to overestimate or underestimate the progress we would make, like in the 1920s or 1980s. People laughed at the prospect of technology we have today, like the laptop that I am writing on.
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