What Goes In Your First Aid Kit Varies On Where It Will Be Used

Discussion in 'First Aid and Medicine' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 21, 2016.

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    There are a multitude of styles and varieties of first aid kits available. These first aid kits vary as to their purpose and where they will be used. Airplanes, boats, cars, trains, and construction equipment are all places that typically have first aid kits stored on them. Every public building is required to have a first-aid kit on hand somewhere within the facility. First aid kits can be very simple and have things such as a few band-aids some ointment and gauze while other first aid kits can be rather extreme. For example, some first aid kits will contain the equipment to perform emergency surgery, and some first aid kits will even have emergency defibrillators. There are many different levels of first aid kits, and the best way to determine which one is right for you is to determine where you will be utilizing this first aid kit.
    In your office, you may just want to keep a simple first aid kit while at home you will want a more advanced first aid kit containing a more heavily stock supply of items. You may also purchase first aid kits at medical supply stores, hunting, camping and outdoors stores, and military supply stores. No matter what kind of first aid kit you have on hand its better than not having one at all. If you or someone close to you has problems with allergic reactions, you may want to keep an EpiPen inside of your first aid kit as well. Determine whether your first aid kit is going to be for urban, rural or outdoors use and supply it accordingly. They all take basically the same supplies just some are more complex and will have additional items not necessary in others. It's up to you on how much of what you choose to store in your first aid kit but it is crucial to have at least the essentials.
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    Only have stuff you and anyone with you actually KNOW how to USE
    No point having an IV setup if no one knows how to use it properly
    or suture kits if none can handle sewing up wounds!
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    I started carrying one after an incident in 2015. I've never been allergic to bees or whatnot, but I received multiple stings by hornets (including one on the head) that left me in bad shape. I got to emergency medical care and was fine. However, after that, I got a prescription from my doctor and acquired a couple. Insurance covered it.
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