What If Wwiii Happens?

Discussion in 'Other Not Listed Situations' started by m33kuh, Jul 18, 2017.

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    I have always thought about this. I mean, who doesn't? Now that the US and NK are having issues along with Russia and other neighboring countries, seems like such thing is inevitable. It's not that only those two countries will be bombing each other. For sure their allies will step into action thus making things more complicated.

    Now that North Korea "vows to obliterate ‘war-thirsty’ America if Trump launches military strike against Kim Jong-un", things will about to HTF sooner or later. (I know we don't want that to happen of course.)

    All countries are preparing for such disastrous event if it ever comes. But how about us normal people? We are not even prepared for it and we never will because of the intensity and devastating damage it may cause to us.
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    We are also aware of what's happening in North Korea because Philippines is a close ally of the US. If war breaks out then we can be a possible target. Based on the experience of my parents in the second world war, the safe place is the rural area where the population is small. The best is the mountain as a refuge. Enemy forces tend to attack the cities so the boondocks will be the safest place in times of war.
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