What Is The Post Apocalyptic World?

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by remnant, May 19, 2017.

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    I have seen this phrase often in this forum. Who will initiate the apocalypse? What is it exactly? As far as I know, this can only refer to the rapture after Christ returns and the subsequent upheaval and terror from the forces of darkness on those left behind. At the case minimum, it should be the state of the world after a nuclear war, or is it?
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    nope, although you are correct in the biblical context, on this site we mean anything that makes civilisation collapse, mass mortality of the population and a new lifestyle like nothing you have ever known before, a lifestyle with a closer relationship to the land and nature, where no one relies on man made technology but everything comes from the land and is natural .
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    I agree with lonewolf, at least that is what it means to me. Certainly has NOTHING to do with any god ! The end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI).
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    A hundred years ago the Spanish flu killed a goodly percentage of the population but not enough to crash civilization
    A similar flu today would kill so many more and civilization may just crash as it is so much more fragile than 100yrs ago!

    60% seems to be the agreed threshold for collapse!
  5. lonewolf

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    the agreed estimate of post collapse mortality is closer to 90 or even 95% of the human race.
    probably not all in one go though, you'll probably find that the population will halve about every 6 months and level out around 18 months, in the UK this would put the population at just over 6 million which coincidently is what it was in the early 18th century just before the industrial revolution began.
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    The list of possible things that could cause an "apocalypse" is HUGE. The most frightening thing about a lot of it is that it is a certainty that it WILL happen sooner or later. The problem is that our world is now massively populated and totally dependent on a smooth and continued very technological infrastructure. This infrastructure is incredibly complex and VERY fragile.

    Take for a simple example the current situation in Puerto Rico. What do you think would have happened there is after the hurricane had blasted that little island NOBODY from ANYWHERE else had come to their aid?? They have no power and that means no fuel for their trucks. Food rots where it is instead of getting moves and delivered to the people all over the place. Without outside help they would NEVER get their power back on. Most of the people would starve to death because their small island is dependent already on food from other than their ability to grow it on their island because the population is greater than that land area can support. No power also means no clean water and NO SEWER system so people will start drinking unclean water and quickly disease will hit them. They are already, even with all the help that they are getting , having problems with bad people doing things like robbing and killing people. When there is no cell phone service there is no way to call the cops so you are on your own!!! Within a couple of years 90% of the people on that island would be dead because their system couldn't recover without help from places that still had the power and ability to come and help.

    Now, imagine if something happened that did that same basic thing to the ENTIRE world! OK, what could cause that? Every few hundred thousand years our planet gets hit by a rock big enough to do it. I'm not even talking about a dinosaur killer sized rock either. That happens less often but all it will take is something that interrupts our fragile system and our house of cards will all fall down. A hundred years ago one of these smaller rocks would have been bad but not apocalyptic. Back then most people lived in rural places and there were millions of little small one family farms. Now less than 3% of people are involved in farming and that just isn't enough to feed 7 billion people if they don't have powered farming equipment. We can't fall back to old style farming. The animals don't exist in the numbers needed and there are no people left that would know what to do with them even if they had the animals.

    The sun periodically has a coronal mass ejection that hits our planet dead on. They happen all the time but most are not aimed at us. The last one that hit was in the 1860s. It killed a few telegraph operators and messed up a few things but back then electricity wasn't a big part of our worlds infrastructure. If we got hit or rather WHEN we get hit again it will pretty much blow out the power on whatever part of the world is facing it at that moment and if it is a BIG one the entire planet will be plunged into darkness for YEARS at least and maybe forever.

    The super volcano blow up periodically. If for example the one that is under Yellow Stone were to blow it would pretty much gut the middle of the USA and then the clouds of ash would block out the sun for years possibly causing a small ice age like period. That means no food!! Weather patterns that you can't imagine and total chaos.

    Now we get down to a more human look at things that effect US. Plague used to hit and wipe out a substantial part of our population periodically. The world was a lot bigger place back then. If you were on the other side of the earth you might never hear about it. A lot of the plagues had rather rapid mortality rates and the distance that a carrier could travel before he died was limited. Now in less than 24 hours it can spread ALL OVER THE WORLD!! The problem would be like the problem I mentioned earlier. If the ENTIRE world is sick and dying there will be no help and the system collapses.

    Let us not forget that mankind is fully capable of now creating bio-weapons that are much more lethal than most natural made diseases. One nut working in a lab somewhere could make a mistake and let the genie out of the bottle!! Pandora's Box may be a test tube. War is always a possibility that mankind is good at. Since WW2 our ability to make war has grown exponentially. If we get to tossing nukes around who knows if anyone will survive?

    The problem could start out as simple as a riot in a big American city that gets totally out of hand. Violence is like a fire and the sparks can spread it far and wide. The current problem with various religious radicals could start something that would go across all borders. The world population at the start of WW2 was 2.3 billion. The population today is 7.6 billion. A world war today would mean that BILLIONS would starve to death not even counting the casualties directly related to the war. Just the disruption of shipping would mean places like Bangladesh would starve even if they weren't involved in the war.

    I don't believe in a mean angry sadistic god that likes to kill people just for laughs so I would place none of these at his or her feet. I'm sorry folks but Life's a Bi+$h and then you die. Eventually a bunch of us are going to die together but in the end does it really matter whether you die as one person alone of old age or in mass as part of a huge disaster?

    No mater what I doubt that people will be wiped out. We are smarter than the dinosaurs and more adaptable. TEOTWAWKI may just be the way a new and better world is born. Live free, laugh often and love as many as possible and let tomorrow come what may!
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