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    When building a permanent shelter, you are going to want to make sure it something that is safe, secure and can withstand the elements of nature. When considering your material, some of the things to consider are going to be your surroundings, what are you trying to keep out and most of all climate or environment you are in. You wouldn’t want to build a tin shack if you were living in a cold climate all the time as you would freeze in one.
    So what do you use to build your shelter? Some of the best material you can use are right in nature. Wood, stones, and mud are going to be some of the best material you can use. It is also going to be some of the most cost effective material you to locate. Remember, money may be of no value, supplies may be limited or inaccessible depending on what is going on and your reason for the need of a permanent survival shelter. If you can locate items, you will want to look for sturdy materials like tin for your roof, old appliances that you can strip materials and wires from or an old vehicle that you can take stuff from. As long as the objects are strong, and you have the correct materials you can repurpose anything for your new permanent shelter with a little creativity and ingenuity.
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