What supplies to buy first for outdoor survival?

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by QtheMyst, May 21, 2016.

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  1. QtheMyst

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    I'm building a kit to allow me to go on some solo backpacking and camping trips, and I'm curious to know what would be the best items to start with in my kit.

    So far I've got: small tent and roll-up mat, flashlights and batteries, multipurpose tool, waterproof matches, and a purifying canteen. What should be next on my shopping list?
  2. Arkane

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    You should have at least three different methods of lighting a fire!
    The first method is the old bic lighter, cheap easy and fairly reliable for what it is!
    Then a couple packs of regular match's sealed in plastic bags!
    those waterproof match's make a decent third!
    A small tobacco tin or similar to hold very dry tinder in that you renew each time you have a fire is handy

    I collect some small sticks and cut small enough to fit in the tin then lightly bash them splitting them length ways and
    put the open tin on the hot coals on the edge of the fire until they just start to char!
    I then take them off and after cooling put the lid on! this is tinder for the next fire or two!
  3. Endure

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    -A switchblade! Always handy for every situacion.
    -Plenty of antiseptics and bandages.
    -Some handy charred wood and a flint.
    -A large blanket or netting to avoid mosquitoes and botflies in tropical areas.
    -A canteen.
    - Flashlights and replacable batteries. Or candles and several box of matches.
    -waterproof coat or a coat for cold places.
    - A small portable gas burner.
    - Non perisheable food if possible.

    And plenty more. Is up to you. But is recommended to no carry stuff that you don't know how to properly use. Say, an electric chainsaw is very useful, but is too large, too heavy and dangerous as hell to have around. Is overall better to bring a good sharp woodcutter axe with you.
  4. Corzhens

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    Your list looks complete to me with concerns to tools and equipment. Have you considered a solar charger for batteries? I'm not sure if there are solar charger for flashlight batteries but for phones, there are. But wait, where is your swiss knife? That used to be a necessity for kids in camping trips because it comes complete with several tools that even includes a spoon. But I guess that is your multipurpose tool?

    If I would be preparing for a future unplanned camping trip, I wouldn't forget the canned goods particularly the pork and beans, corned beef and sausage. That would tide me over for a few days when there is no food around the camp site. Not to forget candies too for it can deaden hunger in times of food crisis.
  5. glreese

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    I would invest in some water purification tablets and a canteen of already purified, drinkable water. I would include a first-aid kit that has bandages, alcohol, scissors, nail clippers and tweezers. I would have a tent, some blankets, and some non perishable food items. I would definitely have some matches, a knife, and maybe even a gun. For me, I would have an extra pair of glasses because I need them to see. I would also probably include a fishing kit so that if I needed to I could catch my own food.
  6. FuZyOn

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    When I went for my first outdoor survival "trip" I made a lot of mistakes, it's good that you ask this question now. Firstly, make sure you have a proper way of making a fire, and if you do then find 2 more ways. I thought a lighter was enough for me but it ran out of gas as soon as I got to my camping spot. Make sure you have enough clothes on you and always have proper sleeping supplies, it's tough to sleep on the ground in a tent.
    Secondly, carry a swiss army knife to be prepared for every situation and make sure you have enough food and water. Those are the most important things if you go camping. Other than that I think the guys here gave some pretty solid advice, the most important thing to remember is to have fun, enjoy the trip and make sure you have a nice experience! :D
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