What To Do If You Need a First Aid Kit and Do Not Have One

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    Should an emergency situation arise and you do not have a first aid kit there are some important things you may do to help make the situation a little easier. Depending on the type of accident that is being experienced and the degree of first aid equipment or supplies needed there are alternatives. Natural medications or plant medicines are abundant and can be found practically everywhere. The only way to know for sure what these medications are is to familiarize yourself with these plants. Thanks to the technological advancements of things such as smartphones apps can be downloaded and viewed offline that have databases of medicinal plants. A picture of the plant and description of its uses can be compared so that you may be sure of what you are choosing to utilize. When it comes to the sterilization of wounds alcohol and clean water may be used to clean them. If you become stranded in the wild making yourself, a basic first aid kit is a great idea.
    Utilizing a self-made pouch or another container for storage that you have with you, you can keep a couple of simple items, and that may help. Torn pieces of clothing make great substitutes for bandages. Identifying medicinal plants and gathering those that can be kept for days or weeks at a time is also another advantage. A sewing needle that could be used in an emergency situation to stitch a wound is a very small practically unnoticeable item that is very rarely remembered by anyone. A sewing needle for an emergency is not something that can be typically made on the spot. Rather than trying to stick someone with inadequate supplies it is better to wrap the wound and seek the proper medical equipment or attention. First aid kits can be found in just about any public service vehicle during an emergency.
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