What to expect during an apocalypse

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  1. Aneye4theshot

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    During an apocalypse, you can expect the absolute worst of everything. People will no longer be the same. There will be no cares given and most likely the world will erupt into a violent, chaotic mess. Much like it already is just without any form of order whatsoever. People will turn to cannibalism and acts of hunger in an effort to avoid starvation. Some people will drink blood thinking that that will quench their thirst because clean water will not be available and will be very scarce when it can be found. These are just some of the notions of what might occur during an apocalypse. Should you want to survive an apocalypse, the key to doing this is going to be to remain underground and away from the rest of society. In order for this to happen, you need to have a bunker set up where you could sustain life for an extended amount of time. A self-sustainable off-grid unit that has its own biosphere is the best way for you to survive comfortably.
    With the proper planning, a large enough budget and the right individuals you can create a utopia for yourself or yourself and a select group of others should an apocalypse happen in your lifetime or the lifetime of your loved ones. You will need a fresh water supply which will involve going deep into the ground for well water, creating fresh water condensers and using methods of watering plants and gathering fresh water such as condensation. You also need to have a way to power lights, fans and other forms of air filtration. This may sound elaborate but is achievable. With the way the world's going today, it never hurts to have a permanent bunker that you can go to during the time of a natural disaster or catastrophe.
  2. Arkane

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    If there is any lead up time at all the .gov of most countries will outlaw hording and reward anyone who dobs someone in!
    So anything you do must be kept completely secret!
    A bunker will be useless if there are council plans for it or you bought your supplies locally or with a card!
    or the neighbours say anything the least sus!
    great if you can get away with it, a complete waste if you can't! and you could get locked up! that's never good!

    Rule number one for a prepper/survivalist is keep it all a secret even secret from the mrs and kids until the time comes
    over the years I have seen a few people get done in by there partners either deliberately or accidentally! no joke!

    example one guy had a lot of supplies stached and the mrs knew! when flooded in (floods regular around here)
    good hearted mrs told neighbour to come around as they had supplies!
    Well within an hour eighty out of about ninety people flooded in were at his place almost demanding to be fed and watered!
    Mrs just could not see the neighbours kids going hungry even for a day so after day four days her kids went hungry!
    Everyone thanked them but no one reimbursed them and they now all know where to go next time!
    I have several other examples but won't print them!
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  3. lonewolf

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    what to expect in an apocalypse?: anything and everything!!
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  4. Keith H.

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    We survived cyclone Tracey back in 74. It was suddenly a dog eat dog world. Looters posed a threat. But we have experienced much worse just living off the grid out bush. I don't think the majority of people truly realise just how difficult & dangerous it is going to be if a shtf situation arises.
    The biggest problem with survivng in a bunker as I see it is that there is NO escape if your hiding place is found, no escape & no way to fight back & defend yourself. Fish in a barrel.
  5. Arkane

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    Yep bunkers long term are just coffins you occupy before you are dead!

    But any doctrine is prone to failure! if you are not adaptable to the circumstances!
    To rely on any way of doing stuff now is to court failure!
    Anyone who thinks they have it all sorted now and knows what to do is doomed!
    Bit like armies, they have there last war fine tuned, all lessoned learnt!
    But like every war the next is not a repeat of the last so the old men in charge fight the new war like the old and fail and fail again!

    Whatever the apocalypse turns out to be it will be new and unique!, most old guys with the answers will be wrong!
  6. lonewolf

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    they always say no plan survives first contact with the enemy!! we all need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances.
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  7. iseeyou

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    Expect the worst. You're life have been turned upside down and your chances of survival decreases tenfold. Just be open minded and accept the current state of your life and just deal with it. Don't trust anyone apart from the people you already know. Be tough and be notoriously vigilant.
  8. Toast

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    I'm not sure if our current entertainment options really have realistic expectations for an apocalypse. I think it would be really funny if the world ended with a whimper, and not a bang. People expect constant natural disasters, airborne viruses, asteroids, global warming, etc. But what if we all just slowly died, non-violently? You can't really prepare for that kind of thing. There's not a lot of equipment you could have to prepare you for a slow, non-violent death.
  9. John Snort

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    The hard part would be surviving the first two years. Those will be the hardest but beyond there most survivors would have learned self-sufficiency the hard way but that doesn't mean the world would be safer. In a post-apocalyptic world where laws exist not, there'll always be reavers.
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