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    In a survival or off-grid situation, you may find yourself asking what should I farm and gather? If you are farming, always be sure to plant seeds that are in season. If you are scarce on seeds, you might want to plant plants that reproduce a bunch of seeds. When you are surviving or living off grid, you might want to have plants that are easy to cook and ones that will go well with many other things such as potatoes, corn, or squash. If the environment you are in is in drought or suffering from little water then you might want to plant seeds that take very little water to sprout and grow.You want to plant enough seeds that you can maintain with the supplies you have. There are certain crops that may be valuable to certain people and places around where you're growing them. I might be in your interest because you can trade and bargain with them. Plants with medicinal values can be very convenient when you're off grid or trying to survive, and there are no hospitals or pharmacies anywhere near you. Gathering food that you know you can consume is a good idea, so you're not gathering a bunch of useless, poisonous food.
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