What Too Look For In A Tent

Discussion in 'Natural, Temporary, and Permanent Shelter' started by Tom Williams, Aug 12, 2017.

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    A tent needs some qualities to make it good for use as a longterm shelter 1good sturdy construction something going to take weather whatever your cilmate can come up with 2 in most cilmates you will need to heatyour tent so a stove jack is a big plus in a tent it lets the stove release the smoke but holds heat and protects the inside of tent from weather 3 the floor the best floors are what are called a bathtub floor this means the floor and a couple inches up the side are waterproof heavy downour the inside of tent stays dry plus it helps keep unwanted wildlife and bugs out 3 good windows and vents with a way to close securely in bad weather and openwide in good but again keeping bugs out now agood tent will work with these features but it still would be better to use as you build a more peranment safer shelter but then again i still feel anice camper trailer is the best idea for a good start as a shelter to survive in as the right ones are a tiny home qon wheels allready. With kitchen sleep and bath well takein care of
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    Weight is always an issue for me...it's difficult striking a balance between the qualities you describe and minimal weight. These days I use a hammock with
    basha/flysheet and an waterproof army bivvy bag. (Mosquito net is optional)
    I love tents with stoves, even better if it has a real camp bed raised off the ground....bliss.
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