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Discussion in 'Safety' started by Tom Williams, Jun 1, 2016.

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  1. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    The stuff you wear and how in survival camo clothing long sleeved shirts pants. Why so your harder to see long sleeves protect your arms from insects thorns ect pants protect your legs from the same a trick is to close yor pant legs up this makes it even harder for unwanted pest to enter. Military surplus has draw strings in them to do this with or rubber bands or springs hair tie something to close that opening loose fitting pants are want you want harder for snake to get to leg if it strikes. Button up fasten up and protect yourself hat with brim and boots with socks boots are best warm give ankle support and snake proof.
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  2. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    In the city/suburbs I wear hi-vis yellow shirts and long navy blue work trousers and a clip on name tag with photo!
    oh and a torch and big pile of keys! no one ever questions me!

    While driving see the above!
    Out bush I wear basic Khaki top to bottom!
    I only suit up in the cammies to go actual hunting!
  3. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    Sheeple see camo as evil!
    What are you doing that you don't want to be seen? must be something bad!
    Black is evil ninja stuff.
    Khaki is good, nature protectors
    Green is whacko stuff!
    Loud camo are just party pants!
    Same camo as military is seen as good real military or predenders/imposters and evil!
  4. Endure

    Endure Expert Member

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    For me, in survival situations you'll need clothes suitable for heavy duty, for preppers, it would be a very good idea to acquire those clothes which will withstand the test of rugged use. Having the right clothing is a big deal and will be a big deal while working a harder and more active physical life during a hypothetical time of collapse. In those circumstances, I will probably be enduring and living a harsher life – and the clothes you’re wearing will need to be up to the task.

    As a general rule, when choosing your clothes, you might consider selecting plain neutral colors. Nothing bright or plain dark as a ninja outfit. So as not to stand out. Blend in with your environment for the sake of security in a world that may have become dangerous.
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  5. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

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    in an urban environment wear what everyone else is so as not to stand out, in the woods camo is the order of the day.
  6. filmjunkie08

    filmjunkie08 Active Member

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    I live in suburbia and I definately don't want to stand out. And I don't want to wear my backpack with goodies inside either for fear of someone stealing it.
  7. cluckeyo

    cluckeyo Well-Known Member

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    When hiking long distances, it is important to pack rain gear. If you get wet out in the wild, it might take a very long time to get dry and at night, hypothermia is a risk. And for sleeping thermal underwear is important in the cooler season.You can get lightweight thermal underwear. Ounces count. It takes up less space too, but is very warm.
  8. Toast

    Toast New Member

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    I think it's definitely important to have clothing based on where you are. If you're going to a place with a lot of bugs, and ticks especially, it's probably important to make sure you're as covered up as possible. The same situation when it's cold. But if you're going to an area where there's known to be hunting, it's important to be wearing something like bright orange, you don't want to be the one case of getting shot be a hunter. And of course if you're going somewhere that's especially cold or wet, you need thermal and rain gear. So I think you should definitely know where you are and your surroundings, and plan to that accordingly.
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  9. remnant

    remnant Expert Member

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    Wear according to the situation or the environment which you find yourself. In urban areas, what you wear should not scream from afar. You should try to wear dark colours or shades. Poise and confidence also matter so that you are not picked out easily by criminals. In the forest, I posit that a strong leather and waterproof overall would be excellent. And it should be green in colour to blend with the environment.
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