What Was The Experience Who Change Us?

Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by Deathisue, Jul 11, 2017.

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  1. Deathisue

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    Many of us had a moment in our life, can be a good experience that left us marked in some way, a bad experience who traumatize us permanently, but in the end it was a experience that made us change in some way, that made us see the things differently, tell me what that experience was in your life and what happened to you.
  2. Keith H.

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    All the experiences we have has some impact in making us who & what we are. I have had many experiences, good & bad, but I guess the one that made the most impression was experiencing cyclone Tracey in Darwin in Australia christmas 1974. I never was a materialistic person, but after cyclone Tracey I was even less so. Also at one point during the cyclone I had to face the fact that I might not survive. When we moved downstairs under the raised floor of the house to shelter behind the store room, I started off by spreading my arms to hold everyone against the store room wall. We were out of the wind, but the suction was strong. We moved from the bathroom to downstairs during the eye of the storm when the wind drops completely just before the other side of the eye reaches you & the wind is in the other direction. Debris from other destroyed houses was streaming past us including sheets of roofing iron. Some roofing iron got caught on one of the steel house pillars & was swinging at us in the 200 mph winds. To kick this loose I had to cross the opening with my leg where all the debris was blowing past to try & kick it free. Eventually though the suction grew so strong that I found myself hanging on to the other people there rather than holding them in. I knew then that I had to let go or risk pulling them with me into the cyclone.
    There was a station wagon under the house that was now damaged but still in one piece. I thought that with any luck if I was taken in that direction, I might be able to grab hold of the rear side window frame that had a shattered window. Better than no chance at all. I was just about to let go, when I felt a change in the suction, suddenly there was a marked drop in the wind speed & I was no longer in danger of being sucked into the cyclone. The main part of the cyclone was over. I think having experienced that, & having had to make that choice to possibly die, made a big difference to the way I now look at life & the way in which I think about myself.
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  4. Old Geezer

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    I do not understand normal. If Heaven is happy, I'll not be able to acclimatize. So it goes.
  5. lonewolf

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    my attitude has been shaped by a life time of experiences, both good and bad, but I have come to realise a long time ago that I cannot rely on other people for my survival, its down to me and only me.
    I have always been a loner, I was brought up as an "only" child and had to stand on my own two feet.
  6. Deathisue

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    You let me without words, for histories like this i evaluated my life the most of the time, it seems my life is not too awful like i think and then i just feel like a fool, there is people with tragic and incredible histories and you my friend are you one of them.
  7. joegirl

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    I have not had any life or death experience yet. However, I had an experience that changed my view of life. I started a business some years back and had given my all to this venture - my money, time, energy, sacrificed friendships, everything. But it didn't work out. I had to close shop. This experience changed me in so many ways. At first I thought it was all bad and I would never recover, but with time, I could see I am a better person bouncing back and learning from this experience.
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