What You Need Weapons For

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    Some ask what do you need weapons for in survival. Obviously, one of the main purposes is to hunt and defend yourself from wild animal attacks. You may not think it but weapons can actually bring a sense of safety to some which can increase motivation which helps overall survival. Even if you're not the type of person that likes weapons think about if a wild animal was to attack if you were in a survival situation and you had no way to defend yourself. You don't always need to make lethal weapons. Blunt objects, clubs, and big sticks can work too. Some say the best weapon is a good defense.
    So if you can fend for yourself enough, you may not have a need for any weapons. But they're also useful for walking sticks and can be used to help entertain yourself. If your crossing narrow pathways, they can be used for balance. If you are inventive, you can utilize weapons in many ways. You can turn spears into paddles for rafts. You can use Bows to start fires. And you can make torches out of any clubs or sticks you carry around. You can also use weapons to make sounds like clinking them against trees to attracting animals or scaring them away. And they are very useful as poking stakes for the fire.
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    Simply put weapons are there to enforce your will same as any other tool!
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    mostly for hunting here.
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    Weapons can be used for personal protection, hunting wild game (see my photo to the left), for aggressive reasons, for defensive reasons, to start fires, as splints to secure a broken bone in some fashion when you don't have sticks or boards handy. Weapons like hatchets can be used for splitting wood, for driving nails (depending on which type of hatchet you have), for pulling nails and so on. How you see a tool or a weapon depends on the way your mind works and the type of situation that you are in at the moment.
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