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    "That is pretty much what I used to do, but after dark I would spend some time outside watching the night sky. That is when I first spotted Alien craft as opposed to just UFOs. I still find them fascinating to watch.

    This struck a chord in me. Like you I have spent a lot of time out in the dark sky watching. I worked at night for many years and this just furthered my interest in the night sky. This was before computers and TV used to end at midnight with the national anthem. There just wasn't anything to do so I walked. I would head out into the swamps and finally end up on a big hummock that had a lake on three sides out deep in the swamps where I could sit and see all around.

    Like you I saw a lot of odd things. I really have seen swamp gas and if you don't know what it is it is creepy as heck. Ball lightning in the form of thermal lightning is pretty odd too. A clear sky suddenly lights up bright as day for a few seconds and then fades out. No sound just the flash.

    I have seen lights reflected off the underside of low hanging clouds that looked a lot like something just sitting there up in the sky. High flying planes up in the sunshine are super bright in the early parts of the evening and I've seen the planets group up and look unnaturally bright. I am a bit of an amature astronomer and know where the planets are on any given night. I am familiar with the bright stars that come and go with the seasons. I even saw the aurora borealis one night in East Texas. I called the McDonald Observatory and they confirmed that was what I was seeing. I used to call them at night. They were always nice and happy to help me identify the things that I would spot with my telescope. I guess it must be sort of quiet there.

    And THEN there are the other things that are quite obviously NONE OF THE ABOVE. I saw a huge delta winged (sort of triangular a little like the space shuttle) craft cruse slowly right over my head. It was not over a hundred feet up and was moving very slow with a searchlight on the bow. It made NO noise at all and there were no ground effects like wind as it passed over me.

    I watched fighter craft chase an orb back and forth across the sky on night. Hundreds of people saw it. The next day the military denied that there were any aircraft up and that the thing we saw was a meteor. Meteors don't go back and forth and civilian aircraft don't have afterburners they can light up.

    One night my wife and I watched a strange pyramid shaped craft sit stationary in the sky for about ten minutes and then zipp of in a flash. I first spotted it because it was flashing several colored lights. When I looked at it through some binoculars it was a pyramid shaped thing that was spinning and each side was a different color. I have seen Sirius do something a little like this but when you look at it with a telescope it is still just a point of light and not shaped like anything.

    I lay no claim that any of these were aliens. I can only say that they were totally unlike any of the many things that I had seen over the years.
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    The thing about this sort of thing is that there doesn't seem to be any middle ground. On one side you have the Ancient Alien Theorists that believe every story without much in the way of question. On the other side you seem to have the people that don't believe anything and assume that it is all lies and mistaken identifications made by gullible people that aren't very smart. Thoughtful discussion is almost impossible.

    I run into this all the time in almost every sort of things. In politics everyone seems to either be out on the right wing or out on the left wing. That makes for a mighty strange looking bird that is all wings and no body. The same thing in religion with the believers that tend to be my way or the highway and the equally rabid atheists.

    Somehow being in the middle has become a sort of lonely place. I don't think that this is the way it used to be.
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    My life is obviously a little bit more prosaic.....I tend to see bats, moths and the occasional shooting star...I'm not even on a major flight path.....beyond that it's just stars and clouds in the sky
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