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    When it comes time for you to utilize alternate power sources, you need to monitor the intake of the amount of power your require and utilize it accordingly. You do not want to be powering random items you are not using such as countless digital clocks, or other appliances that simply turn on LED lights to let you know they are plugged in. When you have gone through the process to allow yourself an alternate power source and the time has come for you to use that power knowing what items are necessities and how much power they use will help you to determine where this resource is best utilized. For example, if you are running a generator during a power outage in your home powering your refrigerator is one of the most important things.
    Not having your food spoil will save you hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars depending on how much you have in your refrigerator. Obviously, if you are in an emergency resource facility any of the power that you have stored or have made should be utilized for patients and life-saving equipment first. Lights and other luxuries should always follow last. Utilizing your power for cooking and hygiene would be the best recommendations. When it comes to a recreational use for power, the radio or a form of music is going to conserve your power more than any form of video will. Video will drain power considerably compared to audio. So if you are using your stored power for recreational use take those thoughts into consideration 1 movie or an entire night of music.
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    I am looking for a solar system to power my amateur radio, pack mounted.
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    My starter pack

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