What's in your survival pack?

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by acheno84, May 21, 2016.

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  1. acheno84

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    Hey all, I'm just curious to see what you have stashed in your survival pack in the event that you need go off grid? I have started a kit of my own recently but could always use tips! Anything odd and unusual that you keep in your pack for various reasons? Maybe objects that nobody else has thought of?
  2. Tom Williams

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    One iteam not seen often is a old church key bottle and can opener these are very useful little tool. The end that makes the v shape open can be used to make a stove to cook on. I have. Alot of them stored along with old p38s can openers both are small handy tools
  3. Arkane

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    This is just my always on basic kit for the Apocalypse!
    Never far from me now but always on then!

    First layer is on me!

    Small low power led torch around neck! Low power long lasting!

    Two emergency space blankets in back butt pockets!

    Leatherman multi tool on belt!

    Large light but sharp fighting knife on belt

    Two small fixed blade utility knives!

    Two x1l foldup water bottles back pouch

    Puritabs back pouch

    Fire tin! Back pouch

    Wire saw back pouch

    Trauma kit side pouch

    Torch back pouch

    10m strong cord back pouch

    Cyalume light stick back pouch
    Small pouch with misc items!

    All the above is compact and light, nothing hangs, nothing wobbles, nothing interferes with walking, nothing on shoulders!

    Primary weapon and ammo omitted!
  4. acheno84

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    That's impressive that you have such a great system and you are well packed, even without a backpack of extra gear. I definitely keep the space blankets handy, as they can be used for reflective surfaces too in the event I need to alert someone. I try to keep as much on my person as possible, but I haven't found a way to keep it all in the right spot where it won't interfere with moving. I will definitely have to keep your ideas in mind next time I go on a little adventure. :) Great tips!
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