What's Your Opinion Of The Glove With Led Lighting?

Discussion in 'Survival Gear' started by Koala, May 19, 2017.

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  1. Koala

    Koala Well-Known Member

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    Hey guys,

    I'm sure most of you have seen this product before. It's basically a fingerless glove that you put on your thumb and forefinger. It has two LED lights attached to each one and a small switch on the glove so it's easy to turn off. I know that many use it for fishing but I'm looking to get it for other things as well. It just seems very convenient when you're in the dark.

    The glove is really cheap as well. I'm wondering what's your opinion on this product? Do you own one? Do you advise me against getting it or not?

    Thanks, all help is appreciated.
  2. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    I didn't know such a gadget existed. No I would not buy one, I have no need for it.
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  3. Mr Boots

    Mr Boots Expert Member

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    I have see gloves like the one u described I would not recommend them for two reasons
    1 The battery they seam to use are small "watch" batteries which could be hard to find after SHTF and don't last long and from what I found can't be bought as rechargeable
    2 while a light attached to you hand sound like a good idea your hand do most of the work always moving twisting and turning so may not be easy to keep on a spot if u need to use your hand to do the work
    I find a good head torch works better as it sit above ur eyes no matter where you turn your head the area in front of your view is always illuminated
    When I was looking for couple of new led lights for our bobs I came across them and didn't buy them for those reasons someone out there might hav bought one and found them to be great but I could not find any reason they would add any benefit to us
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  4. Koala

    Koala Well-Known Member

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    Oh wow, those are some really good points, Mr Boots. Thank you so much for the help. I decided not to purchase it after reading this. You saved me some money :)

    I can't believe I didn't even consider your second point. I feel stupid now. Just when I read it, it looked like a very handy tool to use in the dark but it's true. We use our hands all the time and it would be quite hard to keep one area we need, lighted up. Guess now I will look into getting a headlight instead.
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  5. explorerx7

    explorerx7 Expert Member

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    I don't believe that I would acquire this gadget. It's mostly a cosmetic addition. I see in having it as opposed to having a headlight. It would definitively more difficult to focus than a headlight and It would restrict my ability to do certain tasks while trying to focus and if If I would be settling only for a hand directed focus then the flashlight would me a much better bet.
  6. RICH-FL

    RICH-FL Well-Known Member

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    Why? what happens when it gets wet? What is the matter with a head lamp or a general flashlight? Just another product to take your money.
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  7. Overwatch

    Overwatch Expert Member

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    All I can say is "AS SEEN ON TV"
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