Wheat Grass is for Everyone!

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    Wheat grass has been a remedy for centuries. It is a wonderful source of chlorophyll which is a natural blood rejuvenator. More than a general health aid, wheat grass juice has a proven history of beneficial effects. I think it is an essential part of being prepared, and the supplies to grow and process it at home are easy to get. Here are my top reasons why wheat grass is my go-to remedy:

    · It contains enzymes and super anti-oxidants that slow down premature aging

    · It is safe and non-toxic for people and animals too!

    · It is anti-bacterial and antiseptic and can safely be ingested or used on the skin

    · It can be used for itching, eczema, or even poison ivy

    · It helps clear the body of other toxins

    · It purifies the liver

    · It helps improve and stabilize blood sugar

    · It can be assimilated into the body and used for energy/healing very quickly, in about 20 minutes

    · It is full of vitamins, minerals, and essential enzymes

    · it helps with allergies and helps boost your immune system

    · Improves digestion

    · Promotes weight loss

    · Is anti-inflammatory

    · Is high in magnesium which is good for heart health

    · Gives a natural energy boost

    I am happy to share my easy method to grow and process wheat grass. Please message me for info, or I may make another post about it.
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    Thank you for sharing those advantages! I've never grown wheat grass myself, but from those looks it seems that it might be a very beneficial plant to plant.What are the conditions that they live in? Do they require allot of care? You should make a post about it, I'm sure people would love it!
  3. ziskasun

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    Thanks for your reply. Yes, wheat grass is fairly easy to grow. I will post another thread with some tips and instructions. I have grown it indoors in the dead of a Utah winter just fine! There are many ways to do it but I tend to stick with what I think is easy and economical. Here I attached a picture of a recent nice harvest.
  4. lucidcuber

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    It's something that I enjoy, but have never grown myself. How long does a harvest like that last? Surely it would be required to have a lot more bowls than that, even for just the occasional consumer of wheatgrass. I do like the stuff I buy, but always favour self reliance where possible.
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